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I was in the attic searching for Sendra my cute little kitten. "Sendra where are you ? come to me."When I tripped on something . It was a carved wooden box  got curious and decided to open it but first I have to take it downstairs to my bedroom. The box was quite heavy but after a few minutes I was in my room with the box on the floor near my foot I brushed the dust from my gown and then settled down to open it.

The box had all the toys, books,clothes that belonged to my mother.It also had a few diaries. As I was going through the things I noticed a letter inside the box.Curiosity got better of me and I opened it.

" Dear Ellina,

Atlast you found my box . This box has all my favourite things in it. With some I have good memories and with some bad. But the purpose behind writing this letter is to tell you a story. A story about a person whom I admired the most ... the person who gave us this beautiful life.We as her subject should worship her..She brought peace in our kingdom.You must have read about her in your history lessons,in books by great authors.But how did she come to existence? her weakness,her strength,her personal life everything is there in those books which look like diaries.Those are written by me from the time of her birth till she died infront of my eyes.

I hope you will enjoy it.


I slowly closed the letter. " Who is that person?"I thought.As I was about to open the book Sendra came in and sat beside me I glanced at her then I flipped the page of the book.

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