Chapter Seven-"I could teach you to kiss"

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A/N Hey my beautiful Geeklings! As promised, this is the first half of Vivienne's date with Dave. Ends in a sort of cliffhanger, but hey, you read til the end and find out. Remember to vote, comment and spread the word like a bird spreading its wings about to set off into the sky! Thanks for all the support so far!



~Dedicated to first dates~

Chapter Seven

Best friends are always there for you when you need them. They’re there to help you through heartbreaks and when you need them to get out of trouble and let’s not forget about when you want to have a good laugh. My best friend, well she was a little different from most, for starters she was hiding behind a potted plant while I sat opposite to Dave Peterson, my date for the night who hadn’t noticed a thing. Whether or not that was a good thing or not, was still puzzling me.

“You look great tonight,” Dave spoke, bringing me out of my thoughts.

I couldn’t help but smile in return. Dave Peterson was gorgeous, not in a Sean Gregory bad boy sort of way, but in a good guy next door type. Silky blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes that could penetrate into your soul. He looked more than gorgeous; he looked like a supermodel in his plain blue t-shirt and jeans that fit his well-muscled legs perfectly. Broad shoulders and an amazing smile that instantly made you feel a whole lot better; Dave was the reason why most girls didn’t give up on true love.

“Thanks,” I replied, a slow blush rising to my cheeks.

Juliet had advised me to dress casual yet sexy tonight. Simple skinny jeans, a white tank top and a black cropped jacket which in Juliet’s opinion made me look like I was ready to break hearts. I was going to the movies; a definite sign that Dave was going to kiss me, which to be honest was making me more nervous as each second ticked by. I couldn’t help it. I was Vivienne Lanter, the eighteen year old virgin lips who still couldn’t watch sex scenes in movies without blushing.

“My pleasure,” Dave answered with his killer smile, “it’s the truth after all.”

My face was on fire as I squeaked out, “R-Really?”

Dave laughed slightly, causing my skin to erupt in goose pimples, “Yeah really Viv,” he leaned forward slightly, “you look really cute when you blush.”

“I do?” I asked, my eyes widening slightly.

God Viv! He just said so, why do you have to ask him? Stop acting like a complete idiot and play it cool. Deep breaths Viv, calming breaths and for the love of all things good and honest in the world, please stop blushing! You can’t walk around looking like a bright red tomato or Dave is never going to kiss you and you’ll remain a VL forever and have to live in a nunnery with your cat Smokey, and let’s not forget you’ll have to leave Mr Wiggles at home. Wait, do nunneries even allow you to own a teddy?

“Yeah, you do,” Dave said, pulling me out of my thoughts.

I licked my lips, taking a deep breath, “Thanks, really Dave.”

Finally! You go Viv, saying something smart for once.

“Anytime, now what will you order?” Dave asked, turning to the menu.

I glanced down at the red laminated menu that was filled with Italian themed food, happy to have a distraction from Dave’s penetrating gaze on me. I bit my bottom lip in thought as I scanned the different meals, finally deciding to settle on pasta. Pasta was good right? I couldn’t make a mess or a complete fool out of myself with it, and there was no way in hell that Dave was going to have a reason to run away tonight.

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