🔱 Chapter Thirteen🔱

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The reality of living is a concept, and so is everything that goes with it. The love, the pain. The impending doom. Our day by day actions and our sense of self, all these have their own impressions on life. They’re volatile. And so were the capricious thoughts running through Abidah’s head.

The mere fact that her life had taken such a drastic change showed how volatile a concept living was.

The death of her guardians had left her shook and she had held her emotions in for the sake of her sister. But now, looking Evera dead in the eye, all she wanted to do was let them out. Yet still, she couldn’t.

Her thought process was jumbled. What was Evera saying? Is she somehow connected to the death of my parents? Wait…her tribe, she said something about her tribe. A dull ache was beginning to form at the back of her head, a loud thumping, like the sound of her heartbeat. She gripped her head in her shaking hands, wanting to rip her hair out.

This could not be happening.

Abidah felt something nudge her back as her feet gave way and she fell to the floor. Somehow her addled mind cleared enough for her to say something over the big lump that was beginning to form in her throat.

“Explain yourself,” slowly she raised her head to look back at Evera. When she saw the grim and pitying look on the woman’s face some of her earlier spine came back. “What the hell do you mean?!” the girl shouted.

The woman closed her eyes and took a deep breath and Abidah watched as her hands shook as she gripped them before her. Slowly she reopened her eyes, a determined fire lit within them. She began to speak, however, before Abidah could hear what she was saying the woman’s voice was drowned out by a loud shout and the sound of galloping hoofs approaching.

Casting a glare at the woman Abidah eased up off the floor. Picking the dagger up along the way, gripping the hilt tightly. “This isn’t over.” She said darkly as she walked to the barn door.

As she stepped outside two riders came into view. At the same time Adam and the others stepped out of the cottage. The riders drew nearer and Abidah could finally make out who they were, they were the Princes’ guards.

“Your Highnesses.” Said the guards as they both jumped from the backs of the still moving horses. Quickly and deftly, as if they had done this a million times before, they fell to their knees smoothly. “We finally managed to give them the slip.” It was Cerul who spoke up first.

“How did you find us?” asked Adam his brow draw into a frown.

“It seems you have forgotten that I have one of the best trackers with me, my Prince.” Cerul gestured to the man kneeling beside him.

“Aye, I seems I did forget.” Cerul had a slight smirk on his face which made the Prince’s frown deepen. “However, this just makes our situation all the more dangerous. If you were able to find us so will they.” He flicked his gaze upon Abidah and gave her a sharp nod. “We need to leave, it’s not safe here anymore.”

Abidah agreed with him, if it was so easy for the two guards to follow their tracks then there was no doubt that a man fueled by dark determination and vengeance would have no trouble finding them. “You’re right, we should leave and after finding out what I just did I think even more so.”

“Wait a minute, what did you find out?” asked Maurie who never seemed to be able to curb her curiosity. But as the saying goes; curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.

“This woman here has some connection to the person who killed my guardians.” Said Abidah monotonously.

Everyone was silent for a while. Seeing as this was the first time they were meeting Cerul spoke up. “And who is this woman?” his interest was piqued.

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