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"Why didn't you code this in last night, Dakota?" Mr

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"Why didn't you code this in last night, Dakota?" Mr. Smith paced in front of me.

"I had to make sure Sean was safe first. Then, I just forgot. I needed to take care of him."

Sean sat in the chair on my left, Tom in the one on my right.

"That's unacceptable, Dakota. You've been around a long time, you know the protocol." He slammed his notebook down on the massive oak desk. "I could have sent you reinforcements stat."

"Tom was there. He helped." I shifted in the seat, the leather clinging to my skin.

Getting the third degree from Mr. Smith made me sweat. Why hadn't I just code it in when Tom told me to last night? And then to forget like I did?

Mr. Smith arched a dark eyebrow in Tom's direction and peered over the tops of his thick glasses. "What were you doing there?"

"Sir, I was out getting to know the campus. I came across Dakota being assaulted by the demon-"

"Assaulted?" Sean asked, as he turned to me. His hand rested on my forearm.

His swollen, blackened eye yanked at my heartstrings. He'd gotten clobbered good, stuffed in a closet, all while I thought I was kissing him, deciding to take a chance on him.

How could I have not known it wasn't him?


"No. I was fine. Just about to zap him when Tom yanked him off me."

"He was on top of you? Did he hurt you?" Sean leaned in. "I mean, hurt-hurt you?"

Sean had seen plenty of Lechery demons do the nasty with their female victims. He knew I would know what he meant by his question. It'd been one of my greatest fears to get violated by one of those things. As long as I was conscious, it couldn't happen because I'd electrify my body, burning any important parts needed in the assault.

But still.

"I'm fine, Sean. I'd just gotten contact with his skin and was ready to fry him. It's okay."

"Why didn't you say something last night?"

"Too busy taking care of you." I glanced at Tom. "Well, me and Tom took care of you."

"And neglected to code it in, in the meantime," Mr. Smith said as he rounded the corner of his desk. He stood in front of the massive window, which allowed the sun's rays into the room, making him into a tall, dark shadow in the process. "I could have had you in the medical center getting you cleaned up properly. Why all the rule violations, Dakota?"

"I wasn't thinking straight. I-"

"Sir. If I might interrupt." Tom sat up. "Dakota suffered a bit of an emotional attack. The Shifter took the form of someone she cares about, and that someone attacked her. Please, give her some leniency. We agreed Sean's injuries weren't hospital worthy. We kept an eye on him all night and agreed to come find you first thing this morning, which we've done."

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