Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

It's been a month since Reece and I have been truly engaged. It was now edging close to Christmas and graduation was two months away. Bryan had finally been accepted into our little 'squad' and the entire school saw us a normal set of students once again. The only difference, we moved up a few steps on the social food chain. It was Friday, the last day we'd be at school for Christmas break and all of us were walking down the hallway to our first period.

"Hey, Paige."
"Hey, Rachel."
"Hey, Amanda."

"Wow," breathed out Amanda after waving to technically the whole school. "I've never seen any of those humans in my life but apparently they've seen me."

I chuckled as I walked with Reece's hand intertwined with mine. "Hey Paige." a random cute guy called out to me, giving me a wink. I smiled back, about to return the action when my other hand was held and lips connected with mine. I rolled my eyes. He was such a jealous grandpa. When Reece pulled away and saw that the guy was no longer there he smirked.

"Do you want some peanut butter with that mood of yours?" Drew asked causing us to laugh. We all were about to enter our first period which we coincidentally all had together when Bryan asked to talk to me for a moment. Giving me a kiss on the cheek Reece went ahead into class and so did the others.

"It's been so long since we hung out P," Bryan said leaning against a locker close by. "Just you and I and I miss that, especially since after you're married to Mr. Possessive over there you might not even be able to leave the house." I snickered slightly, Bryan definitely wasn't wrong about that part.

"Ok Bryan, you've got my full attention when you want to hang out." I had to admit that Bryan and I have been somewhat distant due to how busy we both were and I missed his company.

"How does tomorrow sound? Say around 12."



"Reece, you aren't my dad and besides I already told him I was going."

Reece looked at me as he slowed down at a stoplight. "I don't trust him, Paige, I'm slightly giving him the benefit of the doubt for your sake but No. The only way you're going is if I'm coming with you."

"Fine you don't trust him but trust me." I said as I held his free hand. Reece sighed as he drove off once the light turned green. "I swear if you're not home before 8:00 you'll be in some serious trouble."

Giggling slightly I leaned over in my seat and kissed him on his cheek before whispering in his ear.

"Yes, Daddy." Needless to say, Reece lost his driving ability for a bit.

I smelt the aroma before I even entered the house and only one person had the ability to cook with such a skill and that was...

"Hannah." I shouted out as I gave her a hug from behind. I was so glad she was here, our eating habit consisted mostly of Chinese takeout and pizza and I've missed my daily dose of Hannah's cooking. Turning around to give me a proper hug she chuckled then placed me at arm's length. "You haven't been eating healthy have you?" I blushed.

"I guess that'd slightly be my fault." Reece voiced as he entered the kitchen and gave Hannah a hug. When they pulled away Reece stood beside me and then placed an arm around my waist. "Well aren't you two the sweetest." She mocked as she turned around and stirred the food in the pot around a bit.

"Well, I'll leave you two to it. I'm going to go take a shower." With a peck on the cheek, Reece released me then went up the stairs.

Turning the stove to a low flame she placed down the wooden spoon, then glanced at the stairs before giving me her full attention. "So have you done it yet." The question caught me off guard hence resulting in me choking on my own spit. I forgot how much of a gossip Hannah was despite her old age.

"No, we haven't. We're not ready yet... Well I'm not ready yet." I said as I went to the fridge and threw myself a glass of water. I've definitely thought of it but to act on it was a different story. Taking a sip to relieve my dry throat I sighed in relief then placed the remaining portion on the counter. "How's mom and dad?" I asked changing the topic in the process. Hannah sighed as she finally turned off the stove. "They lost a lot of money Paige. This marriage is the only thing that can save them at this point."

"If I sold the car they could get back some cash. It probably won't be a lot but it can be enough for the time being." "You know they don't want you to do that sweetie." I groaned in frustration. "I just wish I could help a bit... You know?"

"Just be happy and live comfortably." I nodded and gave her a hug, taking in a deep breath as she did so. "Gosh, what are you cooking and when can I start eating."

Chuckling Slightly Hannah let me go and went to the cupboards taking out two large white dinner plates.

"You're not eating with us?"

She shook her head as she served out the stew chicken and white rice in moderate proportions, in both plates. "Not tonight but I promise next time."

After she set the table, she gave me a kiss to the forehead then glanced at my fingers.

"Where's your ring?" She asked causing me to glance down at them myself. "It's in my room, I didn't think it'd be smart to wear it to school." She kissed my forehead once more before taking up her hand bag. "See you soon,"

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