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Well hi.

My name is Ruby, and the author of Wattpad Rants.

I posted this a few years ago and re-read it basically ended up thinking "ew what the hell was I even thinking"

Quite a few people have got het up about some of my opinions on here, claiming I'm hating on this site and 'why don't I just leave' or whatever.

Needless to say, if you have this problem and decide to message me through private inbox, then you can be the one leaving.

I have decided to come back and edit this mess, because, well, quite simply I don't like the current state of this book. The amount of reads have been AMAZING and I couldn't stand new people reading this and going "is she on crack? This isn't even good!"

and etc.

For those who are still reading the original version keep in mind EVEN I DISAGREE WITH SOME OF MY OLD OPINIONS. Although the process of updating is in progress, I still encourage (polite) comments. Just don't be a little bitch about it :)

Oh, and if you can, don't be shy to check out my account with my 'proper' writing. Links on my bio or you can search theartofhearts


- Ruby

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