How long till sunset?

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How long till sunset?
Am I too eager to see?
Let the light die,
Let it die now,
It has fulfilled it's purpose,
Now let it go now.

I want to see the awesome stars,
Than gaze upon the burning rock.

I am feeling low already,
Everything I have done,
It seems I have done it in vain.
Everything around seems so vague,
Like a dream it feels,
Like a dream I know it shall be lost.

Like a soldier who has seen his faith,
I am lying here beaten,
Not wanting to move.
I fought the war,
And I lost,
But atleast I did it my way.
And atleast I shall die,
For a simple reason,
That I did it my way.

The light I think is delaying,
The darkness I find is really keen,
It wants to show,
It wants to show it all.
But the light always blocks it all.
It hides the mighty stars,
That are obviously mightier than he,
I really do want to see,
I want to see the truth.

The sun it seems,
Is a jealous fool.
For all it wants,
Yes,that want is true,
For all it wants,
Is to show us the very few.

It hides from me those stars that I find divine,
Those are my stars and I want them to always be mine.
It hides from me the thoughts I want to see,
It covers me with its actual dark ecstacy.

The light I see is faded,
Let it fade even more.
For all I want to see,
Is the dark and nothing more.

For the light I see is vague,
And serves no purpose at all.

All I want to do is,
Stare at the dark,
All my years from now.

Peace a lie,
War a crime,
Freedom a superstition,
Slavery is their new mission.

I have no purpose to take part,
Not anymore that is,
I fought for a superstition,
Now look where it bought me that is.

I still love my freedom,
But I love it more than my life,
I shall die here,
Staring at the sky,
But the reason I fought,
Has drowned,
And maybe shall never be brought.

No matter what I did,
No matter what it gives,
Even though I am dying,
Atleast I did it my way.

The Dead Revolutionary

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