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Warning tears are gonna be shed 😭💗of cuteness /sadness

1  month later  / Saturday 10:00pm

Ethan's POV

"Baby give me a kiss ." I giggle .

"No you look weird with a beard ." She pushes me away .

"Come on I look hot just kiss me ." I picked up .

"Get away you hobo !" She slightly shouts pushing me away .

I slap her ass . She jumps a bit and gets turned on like what the fuck .

"So are you going to disobey me or do as I tell you cause I can call the tickle monster to get you " I threatened her and chuckle .

She turns around  pecks my lips and pushes me away. I pull her close to me trying to kiss her but she pushes me back .

"Stop it Dolan! "She screams

"You haven't called me that in a month hearing it is gross call me Ethan." I make a face of disgust .

" Dolan, Dolan ,Dolan, Dolan ." She mocks me .

"It's on ! today I'm going to be the kissy monster. " I say as I hop onto her body and start drowning her in kisses.

"Ethan stop it ! Fine I'll call you Ethan." She tries to push me off .

I get off of her and instead of leaving her alone I picked her and threw her over my shoulders like WWE.

"Ethan this is not wrestling let me go mister !" She gets mad .

"I'm going to see what Grayson's doing ." I grab my keys since we were already dressed cause we had and back from a date .

I opened the door with her still over my shoulder. I walked to the car and sat her down . I got in the driver seat. As I was driving I didn't hear a word come out of her mouth. I looked over and saw her mad with her arms crossed .
I put my hand on her thigh she pushed it away .

"Awwwww my baby is mad ." I said loudly.

"Shut up !"she retorted.

"Angry much ." I rolled my eyes .

"I hate you ." She said .

I pull out my phone in a red light and started recording her .

"TELL ME YOU LOVE ME !" I shouted.

"I HATE YOU ." She shouted .

"You heard that guys she doesn't love me ." I pouted .

I put my phone up when the light turned green . She was still angry.

" I love you princess  and I'm not lying when I say that . " I kiss her hand .

Mary's POV 
I noticed that we weren't just going to visit Grayson but he had thrown a party. Me and Ethan walk in and greet Grayson . Ethan goes with Grayson while I go and hang with one of my few close friends . We sit and hang out outside talking about stuff . We both didn't feel like dancing or drinking so we were just chilling.


We talked for 3 hours it felt good to talk with someone. I went to check on Ethan . I see Grayson but Ethan's not with him so I ask Grayson .

"Yo have you seen Ethan and has he by any chance drank a bit  ?" I put both of my hands in the front pocket of my hoodie.

"Yeah he said he had to go to the restroom. And yes  he is sober  ." He assures me .  I can tell he's sober cause his breath doesn't smell like alcohol.

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