chapter thirty-six

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I Sat next to Nico at the Gryffindor table for breakfast, he was shaking and the bags under his eyes looked worse. I looked over at Frank and flicked my head towards Nico then to Hazel and then to the doors. He nodded and whispered something to the small girl sitting next to him before getting up and leaving.

Hazel walked over and sat down slowly. Ignoring the stares from the other houses she smiled gently and placed her arm on Nico's shoulder.

"Are you alright, brother?" she asked her mask set in place. He smiled softly back, the light in his voice didn't meet his black eyes.

"Yes sister, I just have not had enough sleep. I will be alright," She nodded slowly and held his hand before serving both herself and Nico some breakfast. 

A couple of minutes passed before Frank came back in, Will wasn't with him. 

"Prince William will be coming shortly, he said he felt better and can not wait to speak with you all," Frank spoke smoothly as he stood behind the three of us, it was something that both him and Reyna did to prove the point of them being guards. 

"Your Majesties, may I ask you something?" Calypso curtsied elegantly her caramel hair falling past her shoulders. I resided the urge to tell her that she already had while Nico granted her permission.

"May I go and help Princess Anna and Piper in their studies?" She asked, blushing when she stood and noticed the students eyes on her.

"You may as long as they both agree," I said casually not really in the mood to place the correct tone of voice and posture to my prince charter today. She smiled and nodded before running off with Piper and Annabeth. 

A few minutes after they left Will walked into the great hall, his hair was messy and he looked pale but other than that he seemed fine.

"Good morning Prince, I hope today is treating better than the past two?" Frank asked quietly, Will Noded as he sat down next to Nico.

"They are," His voice sounded crooked and fragile.

 "How are you feeling Nico? I heard from the girls and Frank here that you were Ill," He placed a hand on Nico's knee and smiled.

"I am feeling fine William, now how about you eat some breakfast before we all speak somewhere more private," Nico responded silkily, glaring at the invasive ears and eyes around us. 

"Of course," Will said taking two apples and throwing one of them into the small firepot in front of us. 

I turned towards Leo and Reyna as to signal them to go and get Jason and the girls. They stood silently and left the hall quickly.

We finished breakfast and headed to the entrance staircase, where we met the others and...

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