35. Morning Wood

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Chapter dedicated to lfox1232. Ask and you shall receive. LOL. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 35—Morning Wood


I stared down at Leander's large frame on the bed, out cold, snoring softly, his clothes from the night before wrinkled and disheveled.

The competition was beginning today and I couldn't believe he'd decided last night was the opportune moment to get drunk off his ass. What was he thinking?

I let out a little cough, struggling to breathe with the suffocating scent of alcohol in the air. How the hell much did he drink?

Moving to the window, I pulled open the curtains. Sunlight flooded the room. Leander let out an irritated growl in his sleep and burrowed his face in the pillow. I shook my head. Unlocking the window, I slid it open. I took a moment to poke my nose outside and inhale deeply, refilling my lungs with fresh air.

Turning to face him again, I placed my hands on my hips.

And just how the hell was I going to get him out of the bed?

As a matter of fact, given his alcohol drenched body, how did he even make it to bed on his own? Ever had to have helped. And probably Asher. And maybe three or four other wolves. Leander wasn't a small male.

Climbing onto the bed, I sat on my knees and shook his shoulder gently. "Leander, time to get up. The competition starts today."



My claws sank into his flesh, not enough to pierce his skin but enough to capture his attention. I jostled his body more aggressively and raised my voice, "Leander! Get the hell up."

Without warning, he growled and one big arm swiped around my body, knocking me flat on the bed next to him.

"Oh!" I squeaked, my heart beating fast from his unexpected maneuver.

I didn't have time to say anything else before he jerked me tight to his chest and tossed a leg over my body, locking me in place partially beneath him.

My back was to his chest and now, my pulse raced for an entirely different reason.

He might have been out cold, potentially in an alcohol-induced coma, but that didn't mean he was without morning wood. His cock stood long and hard pressed against my ass.

The contact was like lightning to the nerve endings in my body. Suddenly, I was hyperaware of every inch of his body. Arousal flooded my body, which was slightly inappropriate given his unconscious state. But I couldn't help it.

And even in his drunken stupor, his powerful scent receptors caught my scent. A lusty growl rumbled from the back of his throat, and he rubbed himself against my ass.


I bit back a low moan. He felt so good.

"Leander?" I whispered shakily.

No response. He wasn't even close to awake.

He had me in a bear hug. I could barely move. I pushed against his restraining grip, but my efforts to disentangle myself had the opposite effect. He just tightened his hold, even in sleep, not willing to let his prey get away.

Well, fuck.

This was not at all how I envisioned waking him up.

Nuzzling into my neck, he rocked himself against my ass again.

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