Chapter 24

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"Why are you telling me all this?" I say as he leans over to wipe away a tear I wasn't aware I'd made.
"Because I thought you were going to die. Now I see this as my second chance to confess this all to you"
"So is this you asking me out?"
"Not yet. Not like this. Not here."
"You mean to say that you haven't broken up with Amy?"
"You're such a douche"
"What why?"
"You've just confessed your undying love to me and you're still dating my best friend"
"Sky please, give me a chance, I'm trying"
"You're obviously not. You just like the idea of being with me, you don't actually want me. If it really has always been me then why the hell did you even start going out with Amy?"
"You want the truth?" I nod "She was getting ill again, like seriously ill. I spent everyday with her, she told me that she wished that she had had a proper boyfriend for once in her life. So obviously, because of the knight in shining armour I am, I asked her out. I thought I'd grant her last wish. I thought she was going to die but then she rapidly got better, she was out within two weeks. We've been dating ever since"
"And you never thought to send me a text or a tweet or call me to tell me?"
"I didn't want to hurt you"
"It's a bit late for that don't you think?" He tenses in the chair "You just made my boyfriend dump me so that you could have me to yourself and then you tell me that you haven't even broken up with your girlfriend? Well I'm sorry Matt, but that hurts. I think you should leave."

"Problem?" Shawn says entering the room again
"No, Matt was just leaving actually" I scowl
"I'm sorry Sky"
"Oh and Matt?" He turns around looking hopeful " If you really wanted me to believe you then maybe you shouldnt have had sex in my shower. I'm not afraid to kick you out. Both of you."
"Shit" he mutters and leaves.

"Good news and bad news" Shawn says
"Good news?"
"You can leave at 3"
"Bad news?"
"You have to eat as much as you possibly can for the next 24 hours"
"How is that bad?"
"It's not" he laughs
"You scared me Shawn"
"I know, I'll pack your stuff?"
"Shawn?" He look up from what he's doing. "Do you still like Amy?"

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