Bonus Chapter I

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Silver puddles glistened on the street outside from the window where I sat, school children walked down the street with their raincoats still draped on as the road and pavement ahead shone in silver. Kalib cooed, leaning over to touch my face and I laughed before brushing back his hair and shifting in my seat by the window.

He leaned over again and reached up to touch me but I held him steady and kept staring out the window while he sat back in my lap.

"Soon you'll be going to school like those children outside," I told him and smiled. "I'll be watching you come home."

Kerrick and I bought a beautiful house together in a very nice neighborhood, though a little bigger than our last one because we had to think of our growing boy. It had cream colored walls and a comfy interior, each room exuding warmth. We had only been living here for the past few months but I'd already developed a great love for this place.

"School?" Kerrick said coming from another room. "He has plenty more growing to do first."

"Yes, I know."

Kalib stood up in my arms and immediately started stretching for his father, incoherent words calling out for him. Kerrick came over and picked him up, laughing a little with a gentle smile before Kalib poked him in the eye.

"Damn it!" Kerrick muttered and pulled him back a little. "Why did he do that?"

"Kerrick, he's just a baby." I laughed and he stared at me silently, his dark unreadable eyes capturing me.

"Delancy I-" he paused and even I looked over his shoulder when a knock came from the front door. I took Kalib from his arms and he went to open the door, our visitor who walked in the last person I expected to see.

"What are you doing here?" Kerrick shot the question at him like an arrow laced with poison.

"Is that anyway to talk your father?" Charles questioned.

I took a step back and held Kalib close, my eyes not leaving his grandfather's face.

"What do you want?"

"Can't I come see my grandson?"

Kerrick frowned and I held Kalib closer, disbelief settling on my shoulders from his words.

Kerrick and his father weren't exactly on the best terms since he left his company and I definitely didn't have a fancy​ for him either because when he found out I was pregnant he asked Kerrick if he was sure it was his child.

"Why are you really here?" Kerrick said cutting right back to the point.

"I already told you, now let me hold him." He said stretching his arms out for Kalib and I reluctantly let him go to him. "He's gotten bigger."

"Yes," Kerrick said with little warmth in his voice.

"He's going to grow into a fine young man, maybe even a little smarter than you."

"What does that mean?" Kerrick shot coldly and I gently reached for his hand.

"I gave you everything," his father started. "You even got the company but it was never enough, you abandoned it all!"

"That's because you ruined my life!" Kerrick practically shouted causing Kalib to stare at him strangely from his grandfather's arms and I tightened my grip on his hand.

"I ruined your life!? All I did was try to do my best for you but you were never satisfied."

"You don't even understand." Kerrick said drawing back a little. "I'm glad I left your company, I've finally been able to lead my life and be with my family."

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