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I began to search for Bee in Will's contacts. It would honestly be great to know that he deleted her phone number. Too late. It's right there. I tap on her profile and began to text.

Shelby: Hey
Bee: Did you finally realize that you belong to me?
Shelby: yeah. Shelby just isn't the one for me. Ever since that kiss... all I thought about was you.
Bee: I knew this would happen 😏
Shelby: So, let's meet up. And from there, we can be together; run away even.
Bee: How scandalous. I like it. When? Where?
Shelby: Beverly Park(not a real park, ik) On Wednesday @ 2
Bee: Alright, see you then❤️
Shelby: ❤️

Now I can finally settle this, once and for all.
"Shelby, what's taking so long?" I could hear Wills muffled voice through the door.
"Uh. Just touching up my makeup! I'll be there in a sec!" I say back
"Okay! The pizza's almost here, so you better hurry before Graser eats it all!"
"Hey!" Graser yells
"Ow!" I guess Graser smacked Will

I start to delete the text messages. And I make sure to block her contact, in case she tries to contact Will.
I start to touch up my makeup a bit, so I'm not questioned. I head back into the kitchen, and I find Graser eating a slice of pizza.

"Graser, that's your third slice! Slow down!" Liam nagged
"Geez, sorry mom." Graser joked
"I'm not your mom! I'm your dad! Wait, no! Ugh..." Liam slumped down in his seat, and started to contemplate his friendships.
Will came over, and gave me a hug, as he suspects that everything's been resolved.
Little does he know... it's not over till I say it's over.
My wrists still hurt for a reason.

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