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"Bae Irene"

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"Bae Irene"

Taehyung picked the file from his bench and started turning the pages while rubbing his wet hair.

He turned to the first page and saw Irene's recent picture with her family.

"Daughter of Mayor...Hmm. Okay".

He turned to the next page again to reveal a picture of Irene walking to her college with her friends, Mark and Elly.

"Student in Kyunghee University as a scholar. She is an introvert, and has only three close friends".

"Has a secret crush on a guy named Jeon Jungkook who also known as a famous guy in the University"

Taehyung cleared his throat as he remembered the guy," Well, He has got looks".

He turned to another page and again gave a nod.

He turned to many other pages until he saw an old picture which immediately made him to drop the file on the table.

He felt his heart beat getting faster against his chest. He blinked twice and thrice,"Jo-Jo-Johyun?!", He shuttered.

Taehyung bit his lip and again picked the file,"I can't believe this".


                     Chapter: 14



"I am so excited for tomorrow"

Irene chuckled looking at Elly's excitement ,"Why?", She lied down on her bed facing her friend.

"It's Valentine's day", Elly squealed beside Irene, gaining a disapproving look from her.

"It's just Valentine's day Elly. There's nothing to get hype up about", Irene rolled her eyes and picked one of the book from the table beside her.

"In fact, You should be studying. We have exams after 10 days. Remember?"

Elly snatched the book,"Heyy!".

Irene tried to reach the book but couldn't as Elly's hand were longer than her,"Fine. Tell me what you wanna say".

Elly smirked, "Even you should go on a date this Valentine".

Irene raised a questionable brow," With whom?".

Elly bit her lower lip playfully and approached Irene,"Jungkook".

Irene immediately pushed Elly's shoulder,"I can't do that. He takes me as a 'friend'. I can't ask him to go on a date with me?!".

Elly immediately landed her head on the pillow dramatically,"Approach him first. You've been crushing over him for so long already".

Irene shook her head with the thought.

Elly immediately raised her upper body from the bed,"Why?"

Irene gave a glare to Elly,"No Elly. It's just that I am not ready".

Elly tried to continue again but Irene cut her off.

"I have many things going on my mind right now. Let me deal with it first", Irene gave a forced smile and covered herself with the blanket.

She switched off the light and cuddled inside,"Good Night".

Elly sighed,"Good Night".


The next morning, Elly returned back home to get ready for the special day.

Irene woke up an hour late than Elly.

Irene got freshen up wearing her pink dress and her sandal. She descended down the stairs with books on her hand.

"Irene, You've got a parcel for you", Irene's mother came out of the kitchen with the parcel she just mentioned to Irene. 

Irene furrowed her brow and picked the parcel from her mother.

"To: Bae Irene", She read the initial words.

Mrs. Bae looked suspiciously to her daughter.

"I will open it on library. Bye mom. Have a great day", Irene gave a peck on her mother's cheek and went out of the house towards the library.


Irene kept the box on the table. Today except for her no one else was there inside the library. Each and every one of them were out for celebrating the day with their loved ones.

Irene kept biting her nails impatiently, while giving a suspicious look to the box.

'Who would parcel it to me?'

'There's not even a sender's address'

Irene strolled back and forth for the hundredth time.

She slammed her palm on the table frustratingly and glared at the box. She immediately tore the paper decorated from outside to reveal a beautiful box infront of her.  

"This is so pretty", She held the box and brought it near her face.

She opened the box and she was surprised to see a picture inside it. Along with a picture there was a red envelope inside.

She picked up the red envelope and opened it.

Miss Irene,

Congratulation for winning the best picture reward. Enjoy your day! :)

She blinked her eyes twice and picked the picture from the box. In the picture, Taehyung had a bright smiling face while Irene had a shocked cute face, and their hands holding to each other during the dance.

But Irene noticed something else on the picture. She blinked her eyes twice and thrice.

"What is this?"

She tried to look clearly but she couldn't see much. That's why, She immediately took out her magnifying glass out from her bag.

She brought it near her right eye and closed her left eye to focus properly on the picture.

"T-this l-ooks like a ta-tattoo", She muttered calmly.

After a while, She noticed something familiar on the tattoo.

Irene released her breathe.

"Doesn't make sense",  She shook her head disbelievingly.

She again brought her magnifying glass in front of her eye.

She dropped the picture down on the floor as she stumbled back on the table.

"T-The t-attoo.."

"I-Is he really f-from D-Dark Town?!"



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