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Title: The Sweet Humming of Elizabeth
Author: Carol Simango
Genre: Short Horror Story
Type: Rough Draft

“In time, we hate that which we often fear.”
William Shakespeare

First Part
Looking through the car window, the thought that crept around in her mind was a distant memory of when she would ride her horse in the large open fields.

Everything was green, serene and perfect. Unfortunately for Summer moving to the big city meant the end of all that she longed to have kept her entire existence, silence.

Despite a car window being see-through, observing the large buildings proved quite difficult for her because of the forming tears in her eyes. She tried holding them in but the sudden change of environment was slowly scarring her.

Summer hated the speed and brightness of the city. Unlike in the country, the city life was filled with unnecessary gadgets and hobbies that distanced people away from themselves.

The move to Riverside was quite rapid and unexplained. At 17, one would think that her family trusted her enough to tell her the reasons pertaining their actions but that was the problem with country folks. Age didn’t matter but title was valued as if it were gold. If you were a child, you were to remain being treated a child until the day you are titled a parent.

The car made a stop at the new home. Summer noticed how slightly secluded it was from the other homes because it was built right in front of the river. Her face turned upside down into a disgusted frown when she looked at the yard.

The grass was yellow and dried up. The flowers were dead and it was scattered with brown rotting leaves. Another thing that made her cringe was how small the yard was compared to that of the country side. Even the barn was bigger.

“Don’t worry Sum.” He mom assured her after noticing her expression. “I am positive that in no time, you shall make new friends dear.” She added.

Even after multiple reassurances, seeing the beautiful view of the river close by and seeing how exceptionally appealing the home was in the inside she still held up that sense of dislike for it. She classified it a house rather than a home and she classified herself a guest.


The one good thing in the house was the smooth aqua paint used in her room and how she could see the river from her large window. The moon light reflected perfectly through the window that it made it easier for her to get some sleep.

At least she wouldn’t be fearful of the dark. In a matter of minutes, Summer was sound asleep as she drifted off to her wildest dreams.

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