Holding the Star

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Ant eased Dan’s Valiant into a space on Bondi Prom.  He almost sideswiped the next car because he caught a glimpse of Bree’s bare thigh as her dress lifted when she turned to unbuckle her seat belt.  That’s what she did to him.  Made his brain all squishy and malleable, and his normal reaction times subject to sudden stop work meetings.  He’d never felt so awake, so grateful to find someone who could open the world up for him just by sitting next to him.  And when she touched him—no monster wave ride, no big market win was more thrilling. 

“There’s so many of them.  I’m going to get confused,” she said.

“Seven, plus us.  Remember Fluke is the ranga, Dan is the charismatic one, Alex is the stunner, and Scott is the sharp dresser.  Start there and everything else will fall into place.”

She laughed.  “Hopefully easier and quicker than we did.”

He turned off the ignition.  “Maybe we shouldn’t go.”

She aimed a poke at him but he dodged it.  “Nice try, Stickyfoot.  I can hardly wait for the grovelling to begin.”

“I could’ve kept this a secret from you.  Done a Kitty Caruso and you’d never have known about the bet.”

She reached for his hand.  “You only think you can keep things from me.  You’re not that bright, babe.”

“Really, doll?  Why don’t we lay a wager?”

She dropped his hand and swivelled to face him.  “I’ll bet you can’t get through lunch without thinking about what we did in the shower this morning.”

Ant groaned.  He’d nearly run a red on the way here thinking about it.  There’s no way he could win that bet.  “What do I get if I win?”

She licked her lips.  “Another skating lesson.”

“Will you wear the Kitty skirt with the bite me pants and the fishnets?”

She gave him a cold-eyed stare.  “If you’re very good.”

“You’re on.  I’ll make it through lunch, even the grovelling part where I have to humble myself by admitting to your superiority without thinking of what you did with that loofah.” 

There’s no way that would happen.  The image of her wet and slippery with soap, glowing with energy was on auto–repeat in his head.  He’d counted her bruises and lavished attention on every one of them.  They were well water logged and satisfied by the time the hot water ran out.

He stuck out his hand.  She took it and they shook, then he turned their joined hands so he could bring her palm to his lips and he bit gently into the flesh of her thumb.

She’d body blocked him and jammed up his comfortable life.  He was utterly whipped by her and he didn’t care who knew it.

No opportunity in his life before or since would ever be the equal to Bree, would ever be more thrilling than Kitty.  One girl with two halves had rolled into his life, and because she could challenge his thinking and handle his ego, she made him want to lay down at her feet and let her skate all over him.

He was permanently, positively discriminating in her favour.  His family were going to love her.  It might take a while to win Nonna.  But they’d love Bree, first because he did, and second because she was exactly what he needed.


He’d bet his life, his job, his sanity, his happiness on this roller girl and it was such a sure thing there was no way he could ever lose.

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