Risks taken

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After the little escapade that had occurred at the wyrm the previous night had tired out the girl so much. Throughout the night sweet pea had sat down to talk to his friends with his girlfriend on his lap she had her head buried into his neck she had fell asleep despite all the noise of men drinking and being rowdy just the sound of her love's breathing could make her float away from reality until she realised she needed a drink she lifted her head and stood up stretching out only to be pulled back down by her boyfriends arms "where you going?" she smiled while still half asleep "i was gonna go get a drink i'm super thirsty " he smirked " thirsty for me " she pointed at his face and said "now that's true" he lunged and tried to bite her finger playfully she pulled back just in time and laughed she stood again wriggling from the grip she was in and walking over to the bar and yawned "hey hogeye get me a dr pepper would ya" he laughed "not drinking tonight ?" she shook her head " nope not for a while really fucks up your head for a while" he just handed her the can "oh actually could i get a vodka and coke for sweet pea " she pointed her thumb over her shoulder he nodded and slid it to her she caught and nodded her head "thanks man put it on the tab" and walked away to where she originally was she saw another girl had joined the group next to fangs

she sat back down into sweet pea's lap handing the beer he unexpected while opening her can her eyes never leaving the new girl next to fangs she spoke up curiously "can i ask who are you and why are you all over my best friend " the girls head turned rapidly in the direction of Celestia glaring "i'm his new girlfriend amanda " sweet pea and Celestia looked at each other then burst out laughing it took them a few minutes to compose themselves Celestia wiped her eyes with her sleeve from laughing so much then pointed at her "ha good one you really think fangs is gonna stay with one girl for more than a month you are very mistaken i hate to break to you sweet cheeks but he moves on daily what makes you so special?" the girl gave the serpent a death stare while fangs spoke "eh yeh i really like this one so go easy on her guys " the couple laughed "whatever you say fangs so how many times have you fucked?" the girl looked disgusted "that is none of you business" just as the girl spoke fangs spoke at the same time "twice" she hit fangs in the arm blushing "fangs don't you dare tap that again remember the 3 time fuck rule" he looked up shyly " yeh i remember C" she looked up at sweet pea who was on his phone scrolling "what do you think babe?" he was caught off guard "uhh i mean if you've fucked her more than twice you'll get attached " Celestia then changed the subject "i'm going for a smoke break who's comin ?" to which fangs replied "oh me " she nodded and go up from sweet peas lap again and made her way to outside and fangs joined her and she lit them both a cigarette "so you really like this girl ?" he laughed "hell no i just like fucking her " the girl laughed as she blew the smoke from her lips "you want me to break it to her " he nodded "i feel kinda bad " "don't catch feelings fogarty they hurt like a bitch " he raised an eyebrow "so your telling me you don't really love sweet pea he's just a fuck buddy " she laughed heavily "no i only have feelings for people i'm to close to and don't worry your one of those people" they hugged and then pulled away "lets go back in and burst this preppy girls bubble " she winked as she stepped out the cigarette and walked back into the bar her best friend trailing behind

Celestia walked back in to see the girl sat next to sweet pea she was staring at his tattoo about to lean in and kiss his neck the other girl ran over and put her hand in the way amanda had her eyes closed so didn't know she was kissing the back of a girls hand when she opened her eyes she jumped back and the ranting began she examined the back of her hand where the lipstick mark now layed "hmm purple passion i had this exact same one WHEN I WAS A SKANK" she glared at the girl sitting"excuse me like what i'm actually confused and stunned all at the same time,the fact you think its ok to try and give my boyfriend hickies and your fucking his best friend " she scoffed and the other girl spoke "i was just admiring it " "what with your lips trust me hunny i have put my mouth on that a whole lotta times so if you want the taste of MY lips then go ahead but because i'm in a good mood i'm gonna ask you nicely to leave before you are slaughtered by a snake" the other girl raised an eyebrow "i was just admiring your boyfriends tattoo and i was imagining what it would be like to have both of these beautiful specimen in my bed with me " that was enough for Celestia to short circuit but she tried to keep her cool "listen bitch get the fuck out my dad owns this joint so you better bounce before you get escorted out by my dad and i" this caused the girl to smirk " what bounce on your boyfriend's dick " sweet pea saw this unfolding by the second "listen kid you better get your ass outta here before she beats you within an inch of your life" she simply replied "come on big boy come home with me and i'll show you a real good time " she said squeezing his arm"this happens way to often oh my god" the girl muttered under her breath rolling her eyes and continuing "oh thats another thing MANDY you boy here wants you outta his life he says your way too clingy ain't that right fangs" he just nodded the girl pretended to look offended "well i have this fine ass man now" Celestia's blood began boiling so she sat on sweet peas lap so she was straddling him she held his face to make sure he was looking at her and only her her hair covered her face and his face because it flowed free she flipped it so it was the other side it was also the side the girl was sat.

the two intensely kissed smirking on each others lips while the other girl watched looking disgusted but thinking she still had a chance looking longingly. Celestia rook it to the next level and began grinding her hips on his he moaned "Celestia not here baby" she smirked they pulled back and put their foreheads against each others and she let out a dominating growl that she made sure only he heard which she knew would turn him on he smirked at her she turned her head to face the now awkwardly sat "and thats how its done bitch now get out before i bite" the girl sat smug "no" she turned her head back to her boyfriends ear and whispered "take me to the trailer baby " his eyes glazed over with lust and he nodded he stood up with her legs wrapped around his waist but they were stopped by her dad "Celestia " she looked up from sweet peas shoulder and she hummed he pointed at her "stay safe" she blushed and her head went back into her boyfriends shoulder and they continued where as fangs ex fuck buddy sat embarrassed while the couple stood outside laughing at what had happened they laughed as they got on his bike and back to the trailer

when they got in Celestia layed on the bed while sweet pea went to the bathroom she had gotten so comfortable she took off her shirt and pants which left her in her matching grey calvin Klein underwear so comfortable that she had fallen asleep on her stomach. a few minutes later sweet pea came in excited and ready to have some fun with his girl but saw she was asleep he climbed on her and moved her hair to kiss he neck "come on baby you said we could have fun tonight " she stirred and hummed "hmmm" he kissed her more and she said sleepily "but baby i'm tired can't we just cuddle and sleep" she still layed there barely awake "well you owe me then princess" she smiled and mumbled "i'm the queen and he smiled as she turned over so he could lay on her chest while she stroked his hair as they both fell asleep contently

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