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I don't intend for the hug to be awkward but with the way, we were sitting and Scorpius crying it just was, Scorpius took a few deep breaths and wiped his tears away.

"Are you sure this doesn't change anything?" Scorpius asked his eyes all puffy.

I laugh a little "Well I think it would be a little ironic if I had a problem with you liking boys,"

"What why?"

"Because I'm gay."

Scorpius' eyes widened "You are?"

"Yah, is there a problem with that?" I ask in A teasing manner.

"Of course not! I just always thought you had a thing for Delphey."

I go quiet for a minute and Rose comes back "Hey, What you two talking about," She asks opening her drink.

Scorpius and I stayed quiet making a silent agreement to finish our conversation later, "nothing really," I say breaking the silence.

The three of us sit in an awkward silence for the next couple of hours, not looking at each other, finally a nurse came over to our group, "Are any of you related to Draco Malfoy?" She asks and Scorpius stood.

"I-I am, I'm his son Scorpius, is he all right?"

"Well he's conscious, have him on a lot of painkillers so he's not really making any sense but he was asking for Scorpius and Harry."

"Why would he be asking for me?" Dad asked shocked.

"I have no clue but if it's all right with Scorpius than you may see him," the nurse said with a smile.

"Can I see him first, and then you can come in," Scorpius said and dad nodded in response, and with that Scorpius walked off with the nurse.

( I'm so sorry guys! I've hit a writer's block, this is as far as I was able to write)

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