Chapter 5: Josh

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Josh was cocooned under a thin sheet. Comfortable. His hands rested on curving flesh and his face was pressed into soft hair scented with apples. Then she turned, arching and stretching until he woke completely. Cracking an eye open, he saw the satisfied smile of the person he'd spent the most relaxing night of his life with.

"Hey," Lauren whispered. Her arms pulled until her face was inches from his.

He kissed his reply into her curving lips. A flick of her tongue was followed by a girlish giggle, then she gave a quick kiss to the end of his nose. He hummed as he encircled her with his arms and buried his face into her neck. When he began to place tender kisses there, she wiggled and laughed.

"That tickles!"

"You smell like happy to me," he whispered into her soft skin and kissed it some more.

The giggles turned to hums of pleasure as she rubbed her hips against his stomach. He couldn't resist pushing his erect shaft against her in return. That elicited more hums from deep inside her chest, almost like she was purring. Running his hand down her back, he pulled her body against him until she gasped.

"Condom," she growled, then whined. "Damn, I gotta pee first. Be ready when I come back!"

"Yes, ma'am," Josh teased while she scrambled out of bed and jiggled out the door.

As soon as she was gone, he reached over to the bottom drawer of the nightstand and found her hidden stash of condoms. He just finished rolling one on when she danced back into the room and yanked the comforter off the bed.

"Incoming!" Lauren jumped into the bed with a laugh and pulled Josh to roll over between her legs. "Oh, I could get used to waking up this way."

"Me, too." Their kisses deepened until she was pushing against him, running her hands along his back to encourage him to get busy. "Impatient much?" Josh asked.

"I need to feel you inside me," she begged, tugging at his hips while she raised her knees on either side of him.

Josh raised up to guide himself in, rubbing his tip between her swollen lips a few times before easing himself home. Her face was gorgeous in that moment — eyes closing as he filled her, then her mouth opening slowly as he bottomed out. He couldn't resist sucking her lower lip as he lowered back down.

They didn't move for a bit. Josh enjoyed the sensations of her squeezing her inner muscles around his shaft. She had the most serene smile on her face. He gave her tender kisses along her cheeks and the corners of her mouth, and Lauren responded by hugging him tighter.

"I've got goosebumps," she purred.

Josh tightened his muscles to press in a little deeper, then did it again. Soon she was biting her lower lip and arching her back to match his slow pace. When he ground his hips into her at the deepest point, Lauren made a cute peeping noise.

"You like that?" he asked and did it again.

"Yes," she gasped and peeped again.

She began tugging at him to hurry his pace, but Josh only stared at her writhing underneath him. He kept the same steady pace until he could feel her wetness everywhere. She was kneading his back muscles, pulling at his ass, running her toes along the back of his legs, anything to get him to move faster.

"Stop torturing me," she demanded, but the little peep she let out at the end said it wasn't all torture.

When she pulled up to bite the meat of his shoulder, Josh nearly lost it. The spike of pain shot up to his brain and crashed into the pleasure that was already there. He whimpered and ground deeper into her, the pace increasing without a conscious decision.

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