Chapter 2: Lauren

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Breezy carried her Prom dress and overnight bag into Lauren's room and tossed them on the bed. "I can't believe you're still letting Bruce take you to Prom," she announced.

Lauren's best friend was actually named Breanne, but she'd just been Breezy ever since they met in elementary school. Standing at the full length mirror in her sliding closet door, Lauren continued silently applying her eye shadow.

"Why didn't you let me bust in on them last night?"

Lauren glanced in the mirror to see Breezy's livid anger as spots on her pale cheeks. She was a true redhead, in coloring and in spirit. Seeing her friend rising to her defense caused a weak smile float up for a moment.


"Screw patience. I want revenge!"

"That's already taken care of." Lauren returned to applying her eye makeup. "Go shower and I'll do your hair. We're running out of time."

"We're going to discuss this," Breezy warned as she grabbed her robe from the hook behind Lauren's bedroom door.

Lauren stopped to look at herself in the mirror and sighed. When Breezy had texted the pic of Sammy Deluca leading Bruce by the hand towards her bedroom, it had seemed like the end of the world. Bruce was her first real boyfriend, her first lover, and was now her first heartbreak. His good looks and easy charm had gotten him a first date just after school started and by Christmas break he'd won her heart. All that wasted time and energy, Lauren mused.

Breezy would be relentless until they discussed his betrayal, but Lauren hated how foolish it made her feel. She should have listened when Breezy had warned her. She knew Bruce had a reputation, but Lauren believed him when he said he loved her. Now the truth would come out and everyone would know she was an idiot.

Breezy came back in wearing the robe with her hair up in a towel. Lauren got her hair dryer and brush from the dresser and sat in the middle of the bed.

"Come sit," Lauren said and patted a spot that faced the mirror.

Her friend shook the towel against her hair while hanging her head upside down, then flung her long auburn locks back as she stood quickly. She sat down on the edge of the bed, giving Lauren a stern look in the mirror.

"So what's the plan?" Breezy asked.

Lauren turned on the loud hair dryer with a smirk and began to brush out the damp hair with long strokes. Conversation remained impossible until Breezy's hair was dry.

While her hands were busy, Lauren allowed herself to think about what had happened with Josh. If she hadn't been reeling from Bruce's betrayal, she'd never have mustered the nerve to just kiss him like that. And once she found how good he was, her reticence had crumbled.

One truth was undeniable—Bruce sucked in bed. She recognized now that he was a selfish lover. The horror stories about how first times could be painful had lowered her expectations of sex and Bruce had never raised them. His foreplay was just enough to get her cooperative but not enough to get her off. They'd had sex a dozen times since Christmas and she'd had to finish herself off afterwards each time.

Josh oozed a kind of primal honesty about his lust. He didn't dress it up in fancy words or try to fool her. He'd simply promised orgasms, then proceeded to deliver two of the most powerful she'd ever experienced. Yes, he was a player, but he didn't lie about it like Bruce had done. And the fact that she had lusted after him for years was just the icing on the cake.

"Tell me whatever you're thinking about right now," Breezy demanded as soon as Lauren turned off the hair dryer. "I don't know what that smile is about but I want to."

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