"Trust me. I won't harm you".

She suddenly got off guard by what Jiwoon just said to her. She had a flashback of when the guy with a mask saved her from the hulks of Dark Town.

'Trust me! I won't harm you'

She silently sat, without uttering any word. Jiwoon was surprised to see Irene so silent.

"What about tuff? He is still there on the park"

Jiwoon patted her head,"I already told my assistant to take care of Tuff. Don't worry".


Jiwoon parked his car on a safe area and got down from it to open the door for Irene. When Irene got down from the car, She found a familiar place in front of her.

"Why did you bring me here?", Irene asked, with a little shock hidden in her voice.

Jiwoon again held her arm and pulled her towards the playground and made her to sit on a swing,"Don't you remember this place, Johyun-ah?"


She immediately stood up from the swing, with her body shivering from head to toe.

Jiwoon fluttered his eyes twice by looking at flustered Irene.

"Johyun-ah! You alright?", He tried to approach her, but stopped when Irene took a step backwards.

"W-who are y-you?", She shuttered.

Jiwoon eyed her getting all flustered,"Don't you remember me?", Irene shook her head without forming any eye contact with the young guy in front of her. Jiwoon sighed and a step towards Irene, but Irene too took a step backwards again, for the send time. Jiwoon rolled his eyes,"What the fvck is wrong with you? I am your childhood friend, Jiwoon. That fat boy with specs on".


Irene loosened her body in relief and looked at Jiwoon. She found something familiar when he smiled looking her,"Jiwoon?", Irene suddenly had a smile crept on her lips. She immediately ran and hugged Jiwoon,"Oh my god! Jiwoon, you look so different now".

Irene broke the hug and checked Jiwoon from every angle,"You've grown to be such a handsome young man".

Jiwoon chuckled, "Even you".


"Why didn't you tell me before? I thought you were a pervert", Jiwoon eyed her in shock,"I mean you were giving me such pervert looks during the party", Irene immediately cleared the misunderstanding.

Jiwoon chuckled,"Actually I couldn't believe that I met you and found you, after all those years".

Jiwoon completed his ice-cream and looked at Irene, who was licking her ice-cream with extreme cuteness,"You're still a kid".

Irene smiled, "Thanks!".

Irene suddenly remembered something. She stopped on the track and waited until Jiwoon turned backwards to find Irene giving looks to him,"Tell me what you know".

Jiwoon bit his lips,"About what?".

Irene took a step towards Jiwoon,"About that guy. Your brother, Taehyung".

Jiwoon sighed,"You don't need to know", Jiwoon turned back to the other direction, but Irene immediately stood in front of Jiwoon, blocking his way.


"I want to know about him. Please Jiwoon tell me"

Jiwoon didn't reply her.

"Hyah! Tell me".

Jiwoon heaved a sigh,"I can't tell you much, but just stay away from him"

Irene blinked her eyes twice. Just when she was going to say something, Jiwoon cut her off.

"He is dangerous".


Taehyung's POV

"Ah! You're home", Taejoon shouted from the kitchen, as he was busy making dinner for today.

Suran, Taejoon's girlfriend was also there in the kitchen helping Taejoon with the utensils,"You're gonna love the dinner Taehyung. Your brother specially prepared it for you".

Taehyung gave a weak smile to them,"Suran! I am too tired today. Let me just take few minutes to get freshen up. I will come down soon".

Suran smiled, with Taehyung opening the door of his room. He immediately crashed on his bed with his eyes closed.

"Today was so tiring", He muttered.

Suddenly he had an image of Irene smiling and giggling on his mind. Taehyung unintentionally smiled and hugged his pillow tightly.

"Her smile is so beautiful".

He continued hugging the pillow, until realization hit him hard.

He threw the pillow on the floor,"What is wrong with me?"

He looked at himself on the mirror which was just in front of his bed. He messed his hair, "Why am I constantly thinking about her?!".

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