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"Any last wish?".

The man trembled in fear as he looked at a figure whose face was covered with mask and a hood.

The man was bleeding badly, his ribs were broken with his mouth dripping blood on the surface of the floor, "Why are you doing this to me?", The man coughed with weakness,"I didn't betray Master. It's a misunderstanding".

The figure in hood chuckled with his footsteps coming near the weak man,"Misunderstanding? You serious?", The figure bent down on his knees clutching the man's chin,"You betrayed us", The man in hood roared,"You teamed up with those outsiders to banish the people of Dark Town, for the second time".

"You deserve to die".

The figure stood straight with an outstretched arm, holding his gun. 

"Rest in peace, Nic"

The loud noise of gunshot echoed around the place.

The man died with his soulless body lying down on the ground.

"Bring his body to the lab, he might have some kind of chip inserted on himself", The guy ordered, while cleaning his pistol, "Till then I am going to have a meeting with Master".

Everyone nodded and bowed down their head,"Good work V, hope to work with you again".

The guy chuckled in disbelief and left the arena.


                      Chapter: 13


+ Bakesman Cafè +

"Tell me about him", Irene moved her body a little towards Jiwoon and demanded an answer with curiosity.

Jiwoon chuckled by looking at Irene's cuteness and pushed her forehead aside with his finger,"Not so easily Irene", He smirked making Irene to roll her eyes.

"Fine! I am going back", Irene got up from the chair, just when she was about to leave, Jiwoon continued.

"I will tell you about him, but first you need to tell me about yourself".

Irene raised her eyebrow and turned back to see Jiwoon standing. She sighed, "What do you want to know about me?"

"Your real name".

Irene had her lips partly open due to shock. No one has ever asked her this question. It was her first time after all those years,"Why do you want to know?", Irene molded her hand tight suppressing her breathe and trying to look calm.

"Answer me", Jiwoon gritted his teeth.

Irene heaved in a deep breathe,"Johyun. Bae Johyun".

Jiwoon smiled and quickly grabbed Irene's wrist making her to sit on his car. Irene tried to revolt, but Jiwoon hushed her.  

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