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This can be a secure and confidential registry on the market to all Texans. ImmTrac safely consolidates and stores immunization information from multiple sources electronically in a single centralized system. Texas law requires written consent for ImmTrac participation and limits access to the registry only to people have been authorized by the government. ImmTrac contains over 120 million immunization records and continuously rapidly grow to learn participation.

The immunization information in [ ImmTrac Login] is available by a a number of sources, including private health-care providers, pharmacies, public health clinics, Medicaid claims administrators, and the Vital Statistics Unit (VSU). Whatever the variety of sources, each client's immunization facts are consolidated into one electronic record. Authorized professionals for example doctors, nurses, and public health providers can access clients' vaccination histories.

The registry is usually a major piece of the DSHS initiative to increase vaccine coverage across Texas.

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