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"Parcival." rushing over she knelt beside him.

Han trotted over to him, he pulled off his armor running his paws over his torso and pressed in several places.

Parcival yelped.

"A rib bone must be broken off inside somewhere," Han said.

"Let's camp by that giant stump. Can you fix him?" She pointed up ahead.

"Yes, but then that'll be it for the week healing bone isn't easy."


Parcival was heavier than last time. She pulled him back up and failed.

He eyed her. "You're getting worse. I thought I was mistaken before, but now am sure of it. That strength of yours is gone."

"What?—don't be—" She closed her eyes. "Let's worry about you for now." He's way too perceptive. He was right every day Unnamed's vines dug in deeper, draining more energy.

"We'll need a fire. I'll go get some wood." Han said.

"It's time I told you something." Parcival inched over to a stump nearby and leaned against it, then Parcival reached for her hand.

She stiffened. Ah, it's come to this.

You know you never asked me what I am you know."

Huh? She relaxed. Well, that was unexpected. "Then you are?"

"I'm a Paladin or a "Seeker" as some call us."

Interesting. The grand guardians of Olenus.

"Everyone knows they can't lie, not without turning into ash! You can't be one." She pulled her daggers out brandishing them at the nape his neck. "Tell me the truth, now!" She spat out each word and leaned in next to his face.

"I have been. Put that down!"

She lowered them. "Damn you." 

His voice thickened with emotion, and his eyes filled with a soft, gentle gleam.

She sat silent.

"I care about you."

"That." She paused, "I can believe." leaning against the stump she sat by him. Perhaps he wasn't lying. She wandered off behind the stump, as a ridiculous heat covered her face. She pinched her forehead between the brows. It's not like he said he's in love or is a murder. Her arms dropped down and she went back sitting near him. "I want to continue to the city. Perhaps one of the Elder priests can be of help. Only the Adapts had a chance of knowing what to do."

"Yes, that could work." Parcival closed his eyes, his hand gripped the grass pulling out a handful, he opened his palm and a breeze took the strands where they swirled away up high.

They still have no clue of this evil, the vines are only the symptom. Turning away she shivered. Rude to stare for that long. Opening the largest pouch she pulled out an old thin blanket and proceeded to rip it into strips with a dagger.

"Here." Sitting close she wrapped them around his torso, then knotted it.

"Thanks, feels a little better, nice and tight."

Nodding. "I'll wait for Han."Standing she jumped onto the stump. He wasn't so bad.

Several hours passed, and as night took over the sky, a flapping nearby made her sit straight up.

"Be quiet or I'll kill them as they sleep." said a man behind, his tone cold like the ice of the north.

She turned glaring at him. "You Mirror of Nor! Why do you do this?"

"One more, one single sound, and they will die. I want no fight from you understand?" Maxwell's ringlets blew and swirled as the breeze caught them. He scooped her up, then laid her on her stomach on top of the saddle. Jumping on the horse, he took off with the soldiers following him.

"That's better. I have a new home now, and I think you'll be the perfect addition to it. Provided some measures are taken with you of course."

She felt the horse shift to the right and then as the cable stones appeared below. Perhaps it was the exhaustion and lack off much food, nothing made sense.

The sounds of a city. Merchants hocking their wares, with soothing voices. A child that whined to his mother, about being bored. The sun cooked her where her skin was exposed. Sweat trickled in streams down the sides of her face.

Trying not to pass out, she bit her lower lip hard. The pain and salty taste of blood woke her some. The past few days used too much energy, there weren't any reserves left. It was hard to think.

The house stopped again. He picked her up, then tossed her over his shoulder.

At least the others weren't dragged into this should have told them to go home. She closed her eyes. A sticking coolness shuttered up and down her skin. When she opened them again, they had taken her into a house. From the looks of the wood flooring, benches and rugs it was moderately wealthy.

He took her down a long flight of stairs, dumped her and she tumbled out and rolling onto the cool compact dirt. A lock clinked.

"Let's see you escape this. The stairs are of metal infused with your favorite herb." He smiled again, with a wide grin, that didn't reach his eyes. They told the truth, in their dark blue depths a hate so vast she shivered.

"Remember those poor souls you destroyed? No matter what I do to you, nothing will ever bring them back. At least I can make you suffer!" Spittle flew from his mouth.

He smiled. Not a sneer, a smile like this was a happy day, the kind that the berserkers got after skinning their prey. To be a child again and hide under the blankets, yet there was only the cold dirt.

Silent he walked back up the stairs of the cellar and locked the door. With a click, all was darkness.

The familiar creeping sensation inside her head started up again.

What will you do now vile god?

You make great friends where ever you go. I'm jealous.

Instead of being snarky get us out of here.

Not possible, still need more energy. It is up to you. I am but an old man sunken in face and infirm in power. Find me some energy or resurrect my body then maybe.

What kind of a sad god are you?

There's much you don't know, that is for another day. For now, work on freeing us.

He'll kill my friends, I can't.

I will sleep and contemplate this.

She didn't answer and leaned back against the wall. Just a little rest won't hurt.

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