Just some seaweed

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Just some seaweed. Silly getting worked up over that. She unwound it, then followed Han, who was by the exit wanting. He got out and stood next to Parcival. Swimming faster she shot out the exit and landed stomach first on the grass.

That was graceful.

Don't you have better things to do than bug me?

Unnamed snickered.

"At last we are out of the mountain caverns!" She rolled on her back while eyeing them. Han looked away then back again smiling a little, his ears flicked. He flopped on his back chewing on a jerky stick.

"We should stop and get something to eat soon." Parcival got up slow and easy.

Han hopped up shaking himself hard, spraying water off in all directions, his fur proofed out like a fluffy dandelion, his glasses the only spot of seriousness.

"Watch it!" Backing away she covered her eyes with an arm.

She broke out laughing to the point of tears.

"So cute. So cuddly. I can't stand it."

Han stamped over stood on tip-toe and got in her face. "Don't say it."

"Wouldn't dream of it."

He turned, wringing the water from his tail. He sniffed, then went over to a nearby flat rock sitting on it.

"A hot meal would be nice. Well, what way to go now?" The map had stayed dry in the pouch. Unrolling it, she motioned Parcival over and pointed to the small drawing of a silver tree. If we cut through The Silver Forest we can reach it much faster. Rumors say it's home one of the great five beasts, so watch yourself here."

Parcival came over. "That might work."

Her stomach growled. Dang it, the underground cavern river had swept away all the food.

"Do you know which beast?"


"let's keep going and break for supper later," Parcival said.

"So be it."

He lead the way. Later that day, trees with long silver trunks shined where the sunlight hit them. Draping down from each of the branches delicate clear crystal leaves grew. It was tricky to figure out just what was off about this place though.

"Guard yourselves." Her right ear twitched violently she pinched the lobe stopping this. Arg. Far off in the west—a crunch of leaves underfoot. It stopped. "We need to leave quickly."

"If we go North-west here, and around this river, we can get to the city and exit this place faster and reach your city."

"Yes," he said. That last word came out as a wheeze and he gripped his side. His face paled as he thumped down onto the ground.

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