❧ Chapter Seven: Honor Is Their Sword ❧Updated

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The door groaned and slammed open, the outside light engulfed the room

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The door groaned and slammed open, the outside light engulfed the room. A painting on the wall swayed, fell and crashed down. Kar held a long dragon claw staff with a dire ball of water in its center.

"You can't just barge in here!" Parcival wiped his watering eyes with a hand. The sudden light stung. "You were following us?"

"No need the only inn in 10 miles is at this town. Bring her to me. Now. I'm not finished with her." Kar snapped his fingers.

Rude and Crazy! Parcival started to tramp over when he waved about the staff and lifted him into the air. He flailed his arms and legs. "Put me down!"

Behind, a chair groaned and scraped. "I'm coming!" Han leaped past his face straight at the youth, sinking his fangs in a leg.

"Get off of me, you cockroach!" Kar's face twisted in pain.

He beamed Han on the head with his staff, it flashed and he fell, becoming enveloped in a red glow, frozen.

He inched over. One day of peace, was that too much? "Don't hurt him." It grated not being able to do anything.

"Do as I say; bring her here." Kar jiggled the staff. Parcival streaked from ceiling to floor. As his stomach jumped, so did the bowl of stew. A gouge rose up.

"Go fetch her otherwise, this church will need a new ceiling, you a new head." He tilted the staff once more.

Parcival fell six feet, bounced on the floor, spiraling right into the wall at the end of the hall, "ugh, oof!" The room spun he cupped his hands on his head.

The jerk pointed an index finger skyward. "Enough. Fetch her now."

Parcival stood steadying his wobbly legs before dashing to the room Merryn slept in. At the doorway, he held his hand over the glass knob, his hand hovering above it. Opening the door, he inched over to her jostling the bed at its end.

A shout:

"Quit stalling."

She rolled over, muttering.

He shook it again.

She sat straight up. "No, no, no-these chickens aren't for eating. These are my guests," she said.

"What are you talking about?" The ridiculousness of the conversation hit him, she must still be sleeping. "Wake up!"

She plopped back down on the bed.

"Are you hungry?" He patted her cheek hard. They were less round then just the day before, and dry the healthy glow replaced by a gray undertone. No doubt about it she was ill.

"We need to find number four before the morning sun rises," she whispered.

Kar is bound to case trouble soon. She's going to kill me for this. He shook the bed until she bounced.

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