Part 146*

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Two Month Later.

Shravan and Sumo were back to normal now that the case they were dreading was finally over. Sumo couldn't be more happier knowing that the man who had ruined her life, was locked away and Shravan was on top of the world, seeing Sumo's radiant smile every single day. 

Shravan: Sumo Darling!! Wake up Jaan-e-maan!!!

It was currently late morning and Sumo was still sleeping. The day before had been a hectic one for PCT. The old PCT that had been ruined in the fire was finally fix up and had a grand opening last month. And now that PCT was back on track, Shravan was in the process of redo his own firm and making it even big by adding the Junior PCT's space into his own. 

Sumo: Ugh!! Shravan let me sleep!

Shravan: Come on Baby Doll! I want to show you something. 

Sumo: (whining) Show me whatever you want to show me later! I wanna sleep!

Shravan: Ugh! Someone said the correct thing! After getting married, wives become so boring! 

As soon as Sumo heard this, she shoot out of bed, glaring at Shravan. 

Sumo: Excuse me! It's not the wives that get boring, it's the husbands! 

Shravan: Oh please Sumo! Me and boring!? I'm the most interesting person on the planet! (smirking) 

Sumo: (rolling her eyes) Says the guys that's never bunked a class in his life! 

Shravan: Whatever! And besides, I was just saying all of that to irritate you so much that you wake up! (grinning) 

Sumo: You are a big fat meanie! (sticking her tongue out) 

Shravan: (holding a hand up to his ear) Oh, what was that? Shravan is a sexy, buff, hot guys? Come on Sumo, you don't need to tell me how amazing I am every single day. I know, I'm the best. 

Sumo: (throwing a pillow at him) Chasmish!! What do you want? Tell me right now or else I'll go back to sleep! 

Shravan: Ok, ok! I'll tell you what I want.....

Sumo: Stop smiling like an idiot and tell me! 

Shravan: (smirking) A kiss. 

Sumo: (glaring) Not happening! You are off limits on kisses! 

Shravan: What?! That's not fair! (pouting) 

Sumo: Well you should have thought about that when you came into PCT every 30 minutes to kiss me in front of all of my PCT girls! 

Shravan: Of your information, I was just practicing my kissing skills. You know, I don't what to forget how to please my wife right. 

Sumo: (rolling her eyes) Please tell me you didn't disturb my beauty sleep for this nonsense. 

Shravan: Since when did my romance become nonsense to you? 

Sumo: The day you started acting like Emraan Hashmi.

Shravan: You know what? I was right! Wives are so boring! 

Sumo: (smirking) Oh really? Well if I'm that boring to you, then how about this? No more touching me for 3 weeks! 


Sumo: Nope! I do not forgive anyone! 


Sumo: Anything???

Shravan: Anything! As long as I get to touch you! 

Sumo: Great! Then I want breakfast in bed! And it should be ready in exactly 15 minutes! 

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