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I hit my head on the window shield which kind of awoken me from my stupor state. I grimace as I massage my beaten head while scanning my surroundings. The whole bus is so quiet. Everyone is asleep. Other than the faint music coming from somewhere inside the bus, everything is peaceful.

I pull the window curtain to take a glimpse of where we are now. Trees, grasses, and roads are all my eyes could see. Definitely, were not in Bangkok anymore. The sun is already up which means we already had at least 5 hours of travel, another 4 hours more and we will be in the province of Ranong.

How did I end up here? (you may have to's what happened..)

Well, this trip was definitely unplanned. Have you not noticed that these past few days, I've been doing things that are totally spontaneous? It's started with Fi's invite for a reunion, flight's cancellation, then staying Baeng San, bumping into Mick and Om, meeting old friends and now these...

I'm not complaining at all. Having these surprises keeps my mind occupied. I have let go of being too prepared. Experience taught me that no matter how you plan your life to be, life can easily throw all your well-laid plan off track. And it hurts like hell knowing there's nothing you can do...that you're powerless...that no matter how much you desperately want to hold on to matter how much you beg... L

The other day I attended Om and Mick's anniversary party that turned out to be a wedding proposal. Apparently, Dr. Whaen, Om's dad who was at the party, supporting his son's long-planned proposal (yup, he knows, isn't he the sweetest) is an alumni Officer of Friday High. He came in with Brother Sakda, (you remember him, right?).

My former school is organizing a medical mission as part of a series of charity events to commemorate the school's 75th founding anniversary. They have been contacting alumni that could help in the said event. Since they have heard I graduated from med school, they'd ask if I could spare some time to which I gladly agree. To save lives especially children has been my passion. And ever since that fateful day I've lost Noh this passion in me burns even more. I wanted these kids to have a chance to grow up, get to school, meet friends, and fall in love.

The medical mission is separated into two groups: one group assigned to the secluded mountains of Bangkok while the others to the remote islands to which they fell needed much medical attention. Each group is composed of dentist, surgeon, pediatrician, nutritionist, nurses and other medical volunteers (practically everyone and anyone who wants to lend a hand).

So, here I am on this long journey to Ranong. I've never been there but I've heard there are really great untouched islands. I stretched my body to release some muscle cramps for sitting too long. The bus that the school has rented is quite spacious. It a long way still so I made my way towards uncle driver to have a chat. It's better than just sit here for another 4 hours or so.

 It's better than just sit here for another 4 hours or so

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