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Z a c h
Dear jack,
I don't know why I'm telling you this but I am so here goes nothing.
Remember that day you caught me cutting?
I remember I told you I was just stressed.
Haha what a lie that was.
I hated myself for weeks because I lied to you.
I wanted to cut a hundred more times.
And so I did.
Even though I promised not to.
I'm a selfish, ignorant, self centred, asshole.
I need to stay away from you and the boys so that I don't drag you into my bubble of shit.
That's all I am, a shitty friend.
A shitty band mate.
And a shitty son.
I wish you could understand how much this actually does hurt me.
You probably think I'm a-okay with running off like a pussy.
But I'm not.
All my life I've ran away from my problems.
Looks like once I get used to something it becomes a habit.
Just like loving you unconditionally.
Well I guess that's all I have to say.
One last thing.
I love you.
And I know you have Daniel and he makes you ecstatic.
But there's also me.
Little ol' zach.
The boy who lets his feelings control him.
The pathetic boy who loves his best friends boyfriend.
The boy who gives up on everything he's ever cared about.
Me staying away is better.
I promise.

I sighed.
I can't live without jack. I hope he forgives me. A world without him is a world without living.
Who am I kidding, a wdw pun isn't going to solve this black hole of despair that I'm being sucked into.

Jack. My saving grace. My everything. The only thing keeping me alive.

I wish I was these things to him.
Maybe we did have a chance.
But not after I pulled this dick move.

"Turn right in zero miles.."

I turned right and awaiting me was my destination.

"You have arrived at your destination..."

J a c k

I'm now driving by myself on the lonely highway.
I glanced down at the clock and it read,

2:30 pm

Please be safe zach.
I don't know what I'd do without you.

As I was driving by a car dealership that only sold fords I was confused when I saw a car that looked exactly like zachs Chevrolet.

I put the car in reverse and pulled into the parking lot. Sure enough the car was from La.

"Nice car isn't it?"

Holy shit that guy scared me. Where the hell did he come from?

"Uh yeah. Can you tell me who brought this car in and when? My friend ran away and this looks like his."

"Um it was early yesterday morning. And the kid said his name was Corbyn  Robert Seavey."


I zoomed back to my car and texted the group chat.

Find zach chat

Jack- guys I found zachs car!
Corbyn- how do you know it's his?
Jack- because he told the man his name was Corbyn Robert Seavey.
Myah- where are you? Me and Jonah are on our way.
Jack- I'm just off of highway 3.
Christina- jack get your dumbass back in there and find out the kind of car he got.
Jack- yes Mom.

I ran back to the dealership guy.
This man probably thinks I'm crazy.

"What can I help you with now?"

"What kind of car did you give my friend?"

"A ford fifth model." (Honestly I have no knowledge about cars so stick with me😂)

"Thanks. Bye!"

I was already in my car again.

Find zach chat

Jack- it was a ford fifth model
Corbyn- good I can hack the cars gps and find him.
Jonah- jack look beside you.

I looked out my window and there was jonah and Myah.
I got out and gave each of them a hug.
I didn't realize but I was crying.
After the hug broke up myah asked what was wrong.

"I miss him so much. It's my fault for not loving him."

"The heart wants what it wants." Jonah placed a hand on my shoulder.

Soon everybody was together.
We ran into the nearest convenience store and raided it.

Myah was in Jonah's cart and they were running down isles with their arms out scooping food and drinks into their cart.

Christina and corbyn were racing to see who could get more food.

And I was just walking around trying to find an isle that wasn't raided.

We all decided to carpool just to save money on gas.

It was me and Jonah and myah in one car and the other two love birds in corbyn's jeep.

Don't worry Zach. Im on my way.

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