If only she knew kung fu she wouldn't have fallen instead, she would regain her balance just as Mighty steel leg Sing said from Shaolin Soccer.

But that's not the point now because she did fall.....

This made some of the people giggle at her. She stood up and wiped the imaginary dust off her.
"You little bitch!" Regina snapped at her.

"If I'm a little bitch, does that make you a big bitch!" She snapped back.
This made some people shout "Ooh!"

Angela: 1 Regina: 0

"Huh! I don't think you know who I'm, I'm the Queen bee." She put her hands on her hips.

"Nope you don't need to say it, your shirt says it all but i think they mistook the Queen bitch for the Queen bee, so sweety i think that you need to return the shirt!" Another 'Ooh' came from the crowd.

Angela: 2 Regina: 0

I couldn't help but giggle at this. I didn't realise that i laughed a little loud till i saw everybody's eyes on. I don't think this is gonna go well because unlike Angela, i have no comebacks. "So the four eyed freak is here, I didn't realise that because I didn't see any bomb here." She said in her high pitched voice and laughed with her little minions.

"Yup! at least the four eyed freak is brilliant unlike some empty shell like you and also, I forgot the bomb at home, I could have used it to bomb your ass but no need because the plastic surgery you did in your ass would prevent it from any damage." I said and snapped my fingers.

I don't know why but expected an 'Ooh' from the crowd but i got non. Instead, they looked at me with their mouth dropped down.

You guys better close it before a fly enters .......

They were all shocked. Well, I'm shocked myself. On normal circumstances, i would apologise but I didn't. I won't be bullied by some idiots anymore.

"You slut!" Regina roared and raised her hand to slap me, but not this time bitch. I caught it in mid air and roared back in anger, "You already took that tittle, you walking STD!"

"I made a mistake of forgetting my bomb at home but I'm sure this will help." I said picking my orange juice from the table and poured the whole drink on her before slapping her.

I don't know where this confidence is coming from but man do i like it!
OMG!! I'm freaking awesome.

Regina was sending me death glares. If glares could kill, I'm pretty sure i would me six feet below the surface of the earth.

"Don't you dare do that again to my girlfriend you fudging nerd!" Jake snapped at me. So much to I'm sorry.

As you can see that i said fudging but knowing Jake, he didn't say fudging......f*cking.

"Or what?" I dared.

I shouldn't have said that, boy! Am I in big trouble now?
"Or this!" Regina launched on me, scratching, slapping and punching me. No matter how much she punched me, I didn't feel any pain because I coped for eleven years due to my bullying. I held her hair and dragged it making her wince in pain. She fell and I used this opportunity to climb on her, I punched, clawed and slapped her like there was no tomorrow. I felt someone's hand on my waist pulling me away from Regina. I turned and saw that it is Isabelle, one of Regina minions.

Never pull a predator away from its prey or you suffer the consequence.

I gave her a hard punch and she fell, well I know she's done. Abby, another minion of Regina is fighting with Angela. Khadijah isn't even in the cafeteria, she must have left for her dear life.


Let's just say we all ended up in the principal's office with bleeding noses, swollen eyes, bruised faces, bodies, dusty clothes, messy hairs and a messy hijab.

This is gonna be a long day.......

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