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"Annabeth? Annabeth, are you alright?" I heard Percy's soft voice filter through my foggy thoughts. Although, to me, it actually came through as 'An-bet? An-bet, a yo right?'

I opened my eyes weakly, staring up at a blurry image of Percy Jackson's face. Even blurry, he was handsome. Very handsome. His green eyes shined with concern, and the corner of his lips were turned down in a frown. He was worried... Worried about... Me...

My heart leaped with joy at the thought that he was worried about me. He looked cute when he was worried... Apparently, my foggy brain decided that was a smart thing to mention. "You're cute when you're worried."

He chuckles softly, a large, relieved smile on his face. "Am i?"

I nodded. Percy smiled, and I saw a blurry image of his hand, moving towards my face. He brushed some hair away, and then looked away. I frowned when he vanished from view. "Percy..." I whispered weakly, frowning deeply.

"Hey, it's okay." Piper said from somewhere to my left. I turned my head and saw my best friend. I smiled softly. "I promise it'll be okay. He's just making sure that Luke is actually gone."

"Where am I...?"

"On the water bed. Seriously, Annabeth, this thing is so cool! It's a water bed! It moves!" I laughed as Piper wiggled her hips, making the water bed wiggle like waves. I blinked my eyes tiredly, repeatedly. My head hurt, a lot. I winced, and Piper stopped moving. "Let me see... I'm gonna have to sit you up."

"Okay..." I whispered. She helped me sit up, and gently touched the side of my head. "Ah!"

I couldn't keep my eyes open after that. It hurt too much. "Dammit! Gods, Annabeth, I'm sorry!" Piper whined, carefully laying me back down. After laying there for a while I opened my eyes. My vision was cleared, and I could see a pair of green eyes. They weren't looking at me, they were looking at someone next to me. I glanced at the other person. Thalia looked annoyed, hands covering most of her face.

"Percy, I have to get her home. Her dad is gonna be there soon."

"She can stay here. I'll sleep on the couch. If that Luke guy is looking for her, wouldn't it be better if she had multiple people to help if he shows up again?" Percy said, watching Thalia intensely.

She sighed and runs her hands through her choppy black hair. "It would be, which is why I'll be there. So will Piper, and our friend Reyna and her older sister Hylla. Trust me, Percy, she'll be fine."

"Please, Thalia. I'd rather know that she's okay first person." Percy's eyes were almost desperate.

"Why do you even care?"

"I care because-"

"Because you wanna sleep with her?"

"Thalia, no."

"Because you want to kiss her?"

"Thalia, stop."

"Is it because you want her to write your songs for you?"

"Thalia, can you not accept the fact that I am actually worried about her?"

"No. Look, after Calypso, I doubt you can worry about anyone." Percy looked hurt, his eyes flickering down to me. I couldn't tell if he knew I was awake. He didn't act like it...

"That wasn't me, Thalia. I told you that. We dated for five months, then she found someone else, and didn't bother telling me. I walked in on them kissing, and broke up with her." He sighed, looking Thalia in the eyes.

"That's not what she told me. She told me she was waiting for you to get home, so you could meet her friend from work, and you broke up with her because you were mad about something on your channel."

Percy laughed, "You believe that? You know me better than that, Thalia. I wouldn't get angry over something stupid like that! Fifteen times something bad has happened for a reason I can't explain, I've lost all but one follower each time, and not once have I gotten frustrated about it."

Thalia glared at him. "Fine... But if anything happens to her, the next time you're channel goes to shit, you'll lose all of them, wanna know why? Annabeth was always the one person who never unfollowed you."

Percy looked down at me, and I saw his deep green eyes cloud with confusion. "Really?"

"Did you never look?"

"Of course I looked, but... It never let me see... YouTube wouldn't let me see who it was..." I felt him brush his fingertips against my forehead, and he frowned. "I think she's got a fever..."

Thalia reached over with her hand and felt my forehead, a frown matching Percy's appearing on her face. "Alright... I'll get some medicine. You stay here."

Percy nodded, watching me closely, adoringly. Thalia watched him for a second before standing and walking out of the room. I waited a moment before letting out a weak whisper. "Percy..."

His eyes shot to mine, and he smiled. "Annabeth. How are you feeling? Piper said you blacked out after she checked your head."

"That's what happened? All I remember is pain and blackness." I said, trying for a smile. Percy sighed, frowning, gently touching my face. I sigh at the feeling of his cool finger tips against my hot skin. "It doesn't hurt anymore..."

"Good." He gained a half smile, and I reached my hand up, gently poking his cheek. He chuckled softly.

"Just getting proof that I'm not dreaming." Percy raised a playful eyebrow, something I had dreamed of seeing since Percy uploaded his first ever video.

"You want more proof?" I smiled in confusion.

"What do you mean?" I whispered softly.

He leaned towards me, and I realized in about five seconds exactly what he meant. My breath hitched in my throat, and my smile fell, lips parting. Was he about to kiss me?

I'm not sure if he knew he was crushing my dreams, but at the last second, he changed direction, and kissed my cheek instead. My foggy mind couldn't help but laugh. "What?" He chuckles softly.

"I was expecting you to do something else..."

"Like?" He smiled. I shrugged, before yawning, closing my eyes and falling back asleep, not a care in the world.

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