No love for you

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*Warning this is a short chapter*


As I got home from the photoshoot I walked in the house and the smell of smoke  and liquor hit my nose and I know how kellen gets when he's drunk and high so I was instantly scared when he called me over to the couch.

"Where were you" he asked

"I told you earlier that I had a photo shoot " I explained

"Idgaf it doesn't take you 6hours to do a photo shoot"! He got up yelling in my face

"There was another person there with me so that's why kellen"

"Who"? I wished I regretted what I said but there's no need to hush now

"A guy name clarence " then I get a sting on my face realized that he slapped me and he did it again and called my fouls words😪😪then he left the house I couldn't move bc he hurt me sooo bad but I gained enough strength to walk upstairs and to the bedroom to take my shower once I was done o went to bed only to be awaken by kellen saying he's sorry

"Yazz you know I didn't mean what I did I love you" I didn't say anything and kellen got mad


"I don't think I love you anymore kellen after what you've done to me these past 4 years"

then kellen beat me more and more he took all my clothes and packed them and put them at the door and dragged me down the stairs and told me to sleep down here on the couch and I better be gone out of his house tomorrow first thing.


I woke up and went to the guest bathroom and got ready and put this on

And headed out with my stuff I had no where to go but a hotel till I found a place of my own so I went to work on my day off  when I pulled up I saw my best friend kiara

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And headed out with my stuff I had no where to go but a hotel till I found a place of my own so I went to work on my day off  when I pulled up I saw my best friend kiara

"Hey hoe" as we walked in the building I saw Clarence and he looked at me and smiled I tried my best to return but from the confused and worried expression on his face I failed
"Hey key" 😪

"What's wrong" I tried my best to hold back my tears in front of ppl but the look of sympathy on their faces knowing they cared pushed my over and I let my tears go

"I don't want to talk about it" and I ran to my dressing room. As I laid down on  my couch there was a nock on my door
"Go away key"

"Actually it's me ma, open up" I got up and unlocked the door to see Clarence at the door

"Hey Clarence "

"Can I come in"?

"Sure" I closed the dooor and went to the couch and he followed

"Ma who putting they hands on you?"I was taken by surprise because he knew just from looking

" my ex kellen"😢I sniffed

"He would always beat me but this time he said he was sorry and that he loved me but I told him I didn't feel for him that way became he abused me for 4 years"

"Why didn't you leave sooner?"

"He wouldn't let me every time I tried he'd fine me and beat me even worse than before"

"But this time he kicked you out"

"Yea" I nodded

"Ight you coming to live with me until you find yourself a place"

"Idk" when really I did know, it was because he just met me hell he barely knew me

"Plz it'll make me feel better that I know you'll be safe "
I couldn't deny it now since he cared so I gave in


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