Twin Direction

Chapter Twelve


“Come on.” Xavier groaned, pushing Niall and I out of bed. What the fuck was he doing?

“What do you want Xavier?” I mutter, falling on the ground. With a thud, Niall lands on top of me. Awkward moment.

“You have to train today. Duh.” Xavier tried flipping his hair over his shoulder, but it failed. His hair was too short.

“Nialler, get up.” I groaned, trying to get up.

“Fine.” He mumbled, pushing off of me and standing up. I held my hand out and he took it, pulling me up onto my feet. He smiled and I rolled my eyes.

“WAKE UP! THE MIRROR HAS BROKEN! SPOONS ARE ATTACKING US! CARROTS HAVE ALL RUN AWAY!” I shout at the top of my lungs and all three boys jump up, looking at us crazily.

“WHERE IS MY MIRROR?!” Zayn bellows and Niall laughs. Aw, his laugh is so adorable.

“WHERE ARE THE SPOONS?!” Liam screams, a blanket wrapped tight around him.

“WHERE ARE MY CARROTS?!” Louis screams, jumping up and down frantically.

“Do the, potty dance!” Xavier yells, doing the dumb old dance. We all look at him strangely till he stops, bowing. Ya, I never said my little brother was right in the head…

“Come on Xave.” I laugh, pulling him downstairs. The boys followed behind tiredly.

“FOOD!” Niall shouts, running into the kitchen and grabbing a plate. He piled food onto his plate and we all laughed. He was a little excited.

“I WANT FOOD!” Xavier shouts, hopping up and down impatiently. I rolled my eyes at the little boy as Gemma, Harry and Holla make their way downstairs.

Holla kneels down to Xavier’s height and his smile drops. He knows what is coming. “CAN YOU SCREAM ANY LOUDER?”

“YES!” He shoots back, making me cover my ears. They usually fight in the morning when Holla is tired.

“Shut up guys.” My mom groans, coming downstairs. She rubbed her temples before taking a bite to eat.

“Why are you coming from downstairs acting like you are asleep if you made this?” I laughed and my mom raised an eyebrow at me.

“I didn’t make it.” She looked at the food like it was poisoned.

“I did.” Harry smirks and we all look at him.

“Hustle guys.” Our step dad makes his way down the stairs, wearing a cowboy hat. He looks so geeky.

“Why do we need to hustle?” Harry groans, running a hand through his curls.

“Because Holla and Kelsey have to train horses today and you’re watching.” Lucas, our step dad states, giving Holla and me looks. This wasn’t good.


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