~*Chapter 13*~

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Adam's POV

I screamed, chasing Jess and Shelby as they ran to Jess's room.

Shelby created a thirty-second impenetrable barrier. She just stood there, snickering. She made that another two times on our way to Jess's room. Then there was that fifteen second Irish-Dancing spell. Ugh! I hate it.

Finally, we started chasing her, and she sprinted, all spells forgotten. Jin tripped once, slowing us down five seconds.

Then, we were asked why we were running, and we said we had to stop Jess from uploading a vlog. They nodded, and we sprinted. When we got there, we were fifteen seconds behind Shelby. We walked in, and looked at Shelby. She was sitting on Jess's bed, staring at something. I looked around, but couldn't find any Jess. That's unusual. She'd be waving it in our faces.

"Shelby? What happened?" Max asked.

Shelby's POV (20 seconds ago)

I ran, knowing the boys were 15 seconds behind me.

I ran into the room, looking for Jess.

All I found was a note on her bedside table.

Dear Sky Army,

I've already taken your younger siblings- Rosheen, Bella, Sammy, Ralfie, Andy, and ???(not telling yet). Oh, ???'s screaming the first few days about how, you guys would find her, her big brother Maxie Boo was gonna save her. She was so ignorant when she was thirteen. But now, she's fifteen. Met Andy two years after Max met Adam. Yet she loved Andy more than Max loves Adam.

So, I decided I'd take Jessica. She's the youngest of her family, after all. Going to put her where ??? is. For your information, Sammy, Ralfie, and Andy are with none of the girls. Lucky ???, Rosheen and Bella are not with her.

Wonder how little ??? is gonna react to it.

I should get a video.

But I won't.

Because that will torture more.

See you in the fiery pits the underworld!

-Raven Bones

P.S. Wanna see how poor little ??? is doing. No.

????'s POV

I found myself on the floor of a gross, gray cell in what looked to be an old-timey prison.

"Hi," a small voice said.

I got up, spinning around. Eventually, I found a girl, no older than fifteen.

"Who are you?" I asked her.

"I'm Kitty. Clearly, you got captured."

"No duh."

"However, I'm not your roommate."

"You're not!" I yelped. She seemed nice. Too bad....

"You do have a roommate."

"Who?" I really wanted to know who this person was.

"The prison/ whatever this is IS all females. I know her name. However, she doesn't like people knowing, unless they are close to her. So, she gives hints. So do all who know it. All the others know is she's somewhere up there with royalty, like you ???????-"

"You know my name? You aren't freaking out?"

"Please, she's weirder. She's got red hair, looks like that one photo of that mermaid in a cup, but with redder hair."

"What?" I was so confused.

She handed me a print-out picture of a mermaid with red hair, in a cup:

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