~*Chapter 12*~

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???'s POV (OH, YOU THOUGHT YOU KNEW EVERYBODY!) (Go check out Author's note when you finish chapter!)

2 years ago....

I felt ??'s hand on my shoulder.

"You okay?"

"I'm fine," I muttered.

He grabbed my shoulders, "You are not fine. You're my best friend! Please, talk to me!"

"I'm not ready."

"But it's been a while. I know what happened."

"I know, so why do you need to be told again?"

"I don't. YOU need to vent. Where's the crazy girl I've known since we were three?"

"Goof, we weren't even friends when we met. Max was six when he met your brother. To me, you were just another three year old."

"Heh. If he's the leader of the his army, can I create my own army?"

"As long as you don't eat butter."

"No, that's just a gross habit he has. I wouldn't do that."

"What would you call your army? Who would be in it?"

"I'd call it the River Army. I'd be the leader, you'd be second in command."


"If I ever-perhaps left, died- you would be in charge of the River Army."

"Wanna go get ice-cream to celebrate the first two members of the River Army?"

"You know it!"

Present Day(go check out author's note at bottom when finished reading!)

I smiled at the memory. I hadn't smiled like that in a while. Then I frowned. ?? had SO much faith in me. I feel SO terrible still, that I had to be the one who let him down.

I failed all of the River Army.

I am the worst leader ever.

"I'm so sorry," I whisper in the dark corner of my dirty, plain cell. It's so gross. But I got used to it. You get used to it, in here.

"I'm so sorry. Bella, Rosheen, Sammy, Ralfie....." I choked on a sob, "Andy. I'm SO sorry. I failed you. Bella, Rosheen, Sammy, Ralfie.... you had faith I could lead you guys. Andy. You believed I would be a great leader.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry Adam, I will never be a leader compared to you. Leading the Sky Army- how can you lead, and always stay upbeat? How have you not yet broken? Why are you not a broken doll?

The person I'm sorry to the most. I failed you the most. My example. I learned so much from you. My icon. I looked up to you. I wanted to be you.

I'm sorry.........


A slender figure was thrown into my room. Short person, long, black hair.  Her amber eyes shown in the faded light of the cell window. She stumbled in, looking around. Kitty probably told her that she would like me.

She spotted me in the darkest corner of the cell.

"Hi! I'm new here. Can we by chance talk? I heard you'd like a new friend. My name is......"


You will not find out til next time!

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