" good feelings "

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The aroma of lasagna filled my airways as I placed my clothes into the closet. Dad had come in minutes before letting me know his wife, Regina, and daughter Sarah would be home any minute. I wanted to make a good impression on Regina and Sarah because they were my family now. After all my clothes and shoes were put away, I went down the hall to the bathroom. The bathroom had to be the exact size of the kitchen at mom's house. I sat my things on the counter top and then turned on the shower. I stripped out of my clothes and stepped into the steaming hot water. I closed my eyes in relaxation, feeling the water hit my skin. As I washed myself, it felt as if all the problems I had were washing down the drain also. There was nothing more that I had to deal with, and the thought alone was enough to put a smile on my face.

After showering, I stepped onto the cold marble floors and then hurried to one of the rugs. I wrapped the plush white towel around my body and went back to the guest room. I dried myself off and applied a sheet of lotion to my body. After placing on my bra and panties, I placed on a white cropped top with floral print overall shorts. I shoved my feet down into my Timbs and then placed on a flower headband. In the middle of me applying my eyeliner and mascara, dad walked into the room.

"Savannah, dinners ready." He said to me. "Come down when you're ready."

"Okay daddy." I nodded, finishing up my makeup. "I'll be down in a few minutes."

He nodded and turned away, going back downstairs. I checked my curls before jogging down the wooden stairs and into the kitchen. I had never seen something so grand. It was just absolutely beautiful. I noticed Regina, Sarah, and dad all sitting at the table talking. I approached them and Regina turned around with a warm smile on her face. I immediately grew shy and looked down a little. She stood up from the table and hugged me tightly.

"You're even more beautiful than Sean described you. It's gonna be a pleasure having you live with us now." Her blue eyes twinkled with excitement.

"It's nice to finally meet you." I stated. "And is this the little Sarah I've been told about?"

"Yessss." She giggled. "I was really shocked when daddy told me I had an older sister."

"Well how about later tonight, we have a little sister time?" I smiled at her. "Ice cream,
popcorn, and movies."

"Okay!" She beamed.

"Well come on girls, let's eat." Dad said.

Regina and I sat back down at the table and the chef came and sat our plates in front of us. During dinner, I learned a lot about Regina and Sarah and dad learned a lot of new things about me. I told him about my passion to write and express my feelings through art. Regina even suggested that I could come and work at her modeling agency to design new web designs for the agency. It felt so unreal that I was enjoying dinner with my father, his wife, and my half sister. I could've never imagined my life taking such a drastic turn like this. Being away from Jim, there was no longer a feeling of a heavy weight on my chest due to his ways. After dinner was over, Sarah and I washed the dishes.

"So, how old are you Savannah?" She asked, rising off a few forks. "Dad never told us."

"16." I dried off the forks and placed them in the drawer. "My birthdays in March."

"Oh my gosh, mine too!" She said excitedly. "March 15th."

"March 20th." I nodded, drying off the last plate. "You look so young to be 12 though."

"Everyone says that." She laughed. "Daddy says when I turn 13 he's gonna throw me this big party celebrating the fact I'm finally a teenager."

I grew quiet after she said that. There was no denying the fact that I felt sort of jealous towards Sarah's relationship with my father. He had missed everything in my life but was there for everything in hers. When I turned 13, I only got a small cupcake from my mom and I only celebrated with her. Sarah was going to get an entire party thrown for her. I sighed and Sarah looked over at me with a look of sympathy washed over her face.

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