Step One: Revenge

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When they met Danny couldn't keep his eyes off of him. It was so funny how he indirectly was flirting and Austin kept talking like it was no big deal. Oh I forgot to mention. Danny's gay.

"And the girl?" He says gesturing with his hands

"What about her?" I closed my curtains hoping he can take the hint that I'm over the whole conversation.

"Oh I see. You're jealous. That's why you was looking like a stalker when I walked in."

"Jealous. Please I don't like Austin. He's just the boy next door. And I'm kind of dating his best friend."

I shrugged as I sat down. No way I'm jealous. It's just not right he's with a girl who doesn't even care for him. 

You can be that girl. 


I pushed that aside and focused on Danny.

"His best friend hmm. Is he as hot as him?"

"Is that all you care about. If they are hot or not." I asked

"Yes." He says like it's the obvious thing.

I rolled my eyes and sat next to him.

"AJ!" A person yelled

"What Kai ?" I yelled a little as she entered my room.

"Lose the attitude. I got something you would like to know." She tells me

"Okay talk."

"Sabrina told me who her cousin is, which happens to be that she devil that's dating Austin."

"That's to bad for her. Why are you telling me this?" Getting annoyed with talking about that girl.

"If you let me finish I can. Sabrina said she overheard her telling these boys to start a fight at Olive Garden around you guys table and to make sure the food falls all over you."

My eyes widen with shock as it quickly changed into anger.

"That bitch! She's probably the one who asked to have the double date so she can do that. If she wants to play games I'm all for it."

"I'm confused fill me in please." Danny interferes 

 I tell him the story of how we met and how she's cheating on Austin or is going to cheat because he won't have sex with her. She is most likely trying to make things hell for me like all these girls do when she don't want others to tell her secrets.

 "How could she do such a thing to that amazingly beautiful brown haired boy. He deserves some one who can love him and make his sex life special." Danny spoke as he peeked out my curtains across to Austin's room.

 "And is that person a certain blonde haired boy in this room?" Raising my eyebrow at him 

"He's not gay. But if he was yes. Me all the way." I laughed at him, knowing he is serious about being with Austin if he was gay.

 "What are you going to do about her? You know she caused that incident. You have to get her back." Kai said sparking many ideas in my head

"Yeah I do. But it can't be petty like her. It has to be something big and well planned. Something she will never see coming."


"This is a risky idea, I like it. Are you ready for it?" I excitedly asked Danny

"I was born ready, but this I'm not to sure. I can't act." I can tell he's worried and trying to get out of it.

"You acted you're whole life pretending not to be gay. We all knew. So you can do it this time to. Man up!" I'm not to good with pep talks. But whatever.

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