Chapter 20; "I'm leaving... I will call everyday.. I'm sorry "

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Thing’s began getting worst when Trevon had started canceling bible study and church frequently. After about two weeks of cancelation Mr. James and Mrs. Linda agreed to take over church for a little while until Trevon got his situation together.

 Phylicia had reluctantly decided to come back home in order to work things out, but for now Trevon slept in the guest room as she slept be herself in their bed.

“Smells good Lici.” Trevon whisper securely wrapping his arm around his wife’s waist as she stirred around a stew for dinner. Phylicia smiled a bit. ,” Thank you. Can you take the rolls out the oven?” Trevon nodded lightly kissing her cheek as he grabbed in oven mit first. The warmth of butter and bread seeped out the stove as Trevon lowered the oven door and clutched the pan to put it on the stove cooler

“Thank you Trevon.” Trevon nodded walking behind her again he placed a hand on her stomach. During the past 2weeks Phylicia had miscarried, and lost the baby due to stress. Phylicia placed a hand on-top of his for only a second before moving it. Trevon ignored the sharp pain that entered his heart as his lightly kisses her neck.

Phylicia very gently push him away.,”Please. Stop.” Trevon dropped his arms in a heavy sigh. He was extremely upset when Phylicia had told him that she’d miscarried. It would have been their first child together. Trevon pulled Phylicia close leaning down to kiss her. Phylicia quickly pulled back.
“Let me kiss you. Please.” Trevon lips were merely inches away from his.

He saw so much hurt, want, hate, and loneliness in her eyes, and he wanted to make up for all the problems he’d been causing for the past several months. Phylicia leaned forward as a tear or two leaked from her eyes. Trevon kissed her wet cheek then her lips. A powerful kiss that made Phylicia stumble against the counter and weep against Trevon’s lips.

Trevon tightly held her as her knee’s gave out from under her. Phylicia arm’s wrapped around him tightly as she pulled away she buried her head into his shoulder. Trevon held her tightly. Trevon tightly held her as her knee’s gave out from under her. Phylicia arm’s wrapped around him tightly as she pulled away she buried her head into his shoulder. Trevon held her tightly. Trevon’s  cell phone thudded against the kitchen table scary Phylicia out from his grap. Trevon sighed. He knew it was Bria.  

Bria had called him several times before now to announce she was pregnant. Trevon had avoided her calls, but It was wrong to ignore her, it was not the fault of the unborn child.  Trevon sighed putting a hand to his head as released Phylicia and approached the kitchen table to answered it.

”Hello?”  “TREVON...You can’t avoid me…this is your child. We made it together.” Trevon frowned. ”I understand that.” “Well then we have to talk about what were gonna do.” Trevon sunk into his seat as his Phylicia looked at him a pain expression her face. ,”Talk.” Bria sighed. ,”I mean face to face.” “I’m not going to come see you. I’ve ruined my marriage enough.”

“Well I’ll just come over there.” “No, Bria I’ll just come meet you. Where?” Trevon wrote down the direction’s to see her before hanging up to look at Phylicia. “Her name is Bria?” Trevon nodded as Phylicia put down the cooking spoon. “Phylicia, I have another baby on the way…and I have to do the right thing.” Phylicia looked very hurt but she tried to mask it as she met Trevon’s eyes. ,”I know...”

“What are you going to tell the kids?” Phylicia looked at Trevon. Trevon stared off into the distance. ,”I’m going to tell them the truth” Phylicia walked close to him. ,”I miss you Trevon, but I’m falling apart..” Trevon pulled her into his lap holding her. ,”Don’t leave me Phylicia. I love you very much and we will make it through this.”

Phylicia pushed from his lap. ,”I can’t…Trevon..It’s to hard.” Trevon felt tears coming from his own eyes. Phylicia leaned down placing one last kiss on his lips. ” Trevon felt powerless. Tear’s easily feel from Phylicia’s eyes as she spoke.,“I’m leaving… I will call everyday.. I’m sorry “


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