Last chapter Jenna was too busy freaking out and fantasizing over a man she almost missed the appointment. What happens next almost makes her wish that she had.  Hope you enjoy reading the latest chapter. And would love to hear your comments, critiques and feedback.

Scents of lavender and chamomile followed after, heading towards him and Sherry. Sherry all forgotten, Jason looked past her and watched as Jenna dashed forward and stumbled. She righted herself and made her way over to his table, her eyes steady on his face that she never noticed Sherry's presence until she was beside her.

While Jenna glanced between them confusion marring her face he still found her beautiful. The front part of hair was mostly tugged out of her bun as if she ran her fingers through them but forgot it was pulled back.

"Am I interrupting something? Thought you wanted to meet alone."

"Alone? Alone for what?" demanded Sherry, sounding too much like a jealous girlfriend for him.

He frowned up at Sherry again. Hoping she'd take the clue he answered tertly, "No. Sherry was leaving. Please sit down."

Sherry scoffed. Hurt and betrayed, she threw Jenna a derisive look. Still she didn't leave. Worse, she chewed her jaw as if she wanted to say something.

"Bye Sherry."

"But Jason."

"We have things to talk about."

"What things," she persisted. "If it's about yoga then I can help too."

"No you can't." His voice and his entire body hardened and held a dangerous edge that promised she'd pay dearly for if she continued on staying where she wasn't wanted. Sherry saw and heard it. And left but not without placing a kiss on his cheek goodbye and adding an extra umph in her hips as she sashayed away and out the cafe.

Alone at last with Jenna he turned back around and halted in shock. Jenna stared at him glassy eyed, frightened as a bunny while her teeth worried her bottom lip. He wanted to reach out and touch his finger their to make her stop. But he was afraid he wouldn't stop there. Jason knew once he touched those delectable lips he'd slide that finger into her mouth and tell her to suck it.

Now wasn't the time for such things. She was frightened and he had no idea why.


When Jenna ran through the doors and saw him, she was relieved he was still there waiting for her. He could've easily decided to tell her secret as payback. But the short bout of relief was crushed out of her once she made it to his side and was startled to see Sherry next to him.

What was he doing with Sherry? Did she know too? Did he tell her or what if it was Sherry the one who found out about the book? Yes, Jenna could see Sherry using this to get her fired or embarass her.

Her chest squeezed painfully when Sherry kissed his bearded cheek. For a brief moment she imagined taking Jason's coffee and throwing the drink in her face. But soon enough she calmed down and reason found her.

If Sherry was there laying her claim on him like she did then chances were they both knew she authored the book. At least that answered most of her questions. The only questions she had now was what they wanted from her.

Blackmail her for money to keep quiet? Go into business together and charge exorbitant rates for couples looking to spice up their sex life?

She couldn't see either one happening. Although the former was more likely to happen than the latter. Ever since they started working together at Yoga Sensations Jenna never once known Sherry not flaunt her sexiness. Not only that, Sherry was also ambitious.

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