Float Up

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I couldn't stop staring into his eyes. They shimmered a deep, rich, inviting blue. I wanted to wade into them like a wave pool at a waterpark.

That was actually where we were: Schlitterbahn, in New Braunfels. We'd been on tour for almost a month and now we were driving home and decided to stop here to let off some steam before making the final leg of the trip.

Schlitterbahn held a lot of sentimental value for the band; it was where everyone met. I remember I first saw him standing there next to the inner-tube rentals. He was wearing a short, blue bathing suit that hung too baggy on his legs for my liking. But his white shirt (emblazoned with the blue Schlitterbahn logo) clung tight to his chest, and I could see his nipples protruding through the fabric. His nametag read Geoff.

"Hey," he had greeted me with a warm smile.

That smile had nearly knocked me back. I blinked, trying to regain my composure and address the cute boy that had decided to bless me with his attention. "Hi," I muttered, sure that I was blushing.

"Is there something I can help you with?" he had then asked me.

Of course. He was an employee here, he was trying to see if I needed assistance. He wasn't interested in me. Despite telling myself that in my head, I had still been pretty flustered.

"Uh...no," I had said, still lost in his eyes. I had totally forgotten that I had indeed come to get an inner-tube to ride down the Torrent River. I was never one for big rides, they scared the shit out of me. The lazy river was more my speed whenever I visited a waterpark, which was admittedly pretty often back before the band got popular and my time grew occupied with touring.

Just then another boy walked up, wearing that same uniform. One of Geoff's co-workers.

"You two need any help over here?" he asked us with a toothy grin. His nametag informed everyone his name was Otto, and he was just as cute as Geoff. I could feel my face redden.

"Nope, I think he's fine," Geoff replied. He then leaned over and gave Otto a quick peck on the lips.

Just my luck, I had thought to myself. Both gay, but neither single.

Somehow, the two of them had noticed my interest piquing after their kiss. They both smiled mischievously at each other.

"I think he liked that," Otto had said playfully.

"Oh, yeah?" said Geoff. And with that, he grabbed Otto by the back of the neck and pulled him in for a passionate kiss, their tongues gliding over each other like figure skaters on the ice. I had stared in bewilderment, wishing that somehow I could join in, though watching wasn't bad either.

As they pulled away from each other, my imagination was still racing. They were both able to tell how turned on I was. In retrospect, I don't remember if they could just see it in my eyes, or if at that point I was sporting a hard-on through my swimsuit.

Either way, it had led to Otto saying, "Come with us."

My heart had skipped a beat, then started to pound faster and faster in my chest. My feet felt numb. I could feel the blood rushing to my cock.

I had followed them through the park, into some building behind a ride that housed some mechanical equipment. Geoff had locked the door behind us then turned to look over the two boys standing before him.

"Undress," he had said, and I wasn't sure which of us he was talking to, but without skipping a beat I pulled my shorts down and presented my boner to him. He had laughed and said, "I meant him," gesturing toward Otto, "but this works too."

I had moved to pull my shorts back up, but they both protested, so I left them on the ground. Geoff and I had both watched as Otto undressed, first pulling off his white shirt and then his shorts. I was stunned by the cock on that boy. My body shivered with anticipation.

Next, it had been Geoff's turn to undress. His package was similarly impressive, and I felt small standing against them.

Geoff and Otto had moved toward each other, their lips pressed tight together, their hands immediately going for the other's dick. They began to stroke each other as I stood there, naked and horny. Usually at a waterpark, I was only one of those things. It was turning out to be quite a day.

Thankfully, the boys weren't wasting any time. Geoff got down on his knees and took Otto into his mouth, sliding one hand up and down the shaft as he sucked, cupping Otto's meaty balls in the other. As I watched this, I had felt the urge to touch myself, but for some reason I thought I didn't quite deserve it. Not yet.

Then there was a knock at the door.

I wish I could say I lost my boner immediately, but the idea of us being caught turned me on even more.

Geoff took Otto out of his mouth and glanced upward at his partner for a moment before they both had emitted a soft laugh. Geoff then stood and, still completely naked, walked over to the door and unlocked it, opening it a crack. Once he saw who was standing there, he opened it more and allowed the person entry.

It was another guy around our age, with long brown hair that ended in blonde on the sides. He too was wearing the employee uniform.

"Hey Awsten," Otto had said with a wave, his erection bouncing side to side with the motion of his body.

"I saw you two sneaking in here and I totally knew you were about to fuck," Awsten laughed. "You guys are in here so often now! It used to only be once or twice a week."

"I mean, look at him," Otto said, pointing at Geoff. "How could I resist?"

Finally, the new boy's eyes made their way over to me (meeting my eyes only after inspecting my rock-hard dick first).

"Who's this?" he had asked.

"I'm, uh..." I sputtered. "I'm Jawn," I finally said.

"Nice to meet ya," Awsten said before immediately disrobing. I was shocked but pleased to see he was already hard.

The three boys grouped up and began to stroke and kiss and suck each other while I stood by and watched. It was obvious they met up often to do this, and I felt like if I tried to join in I would be intruding. I had felt thankful to even be invited to watch in the first place, so I had not wanted to overstep my boundaries.

"Can I..." I started. With the sound of my voice, all three boys stopped what they were doing and looked over to me. "...can I film this?" I finished.

They all shot each other amused, approving looks, then Geoff said, "Yeah, go for it," and then stuck Awsten's finger in his asshole.

That had been almost six years ago now, and we were back at the waterpark where we had all come together—no pun intended. It was the park that the band's name had originated from, and we tried to fit time into our busy schedules to make the drive every year to go back to that equipment room to fuck. Thank god Geoff had kept his key after quitting.

Of course, I still did not consider myself deserving of a spot in the orgy. But I loved to film it.

As I looked into Geoff's blue eyes, he smiled that same beautiful smile at me. "You ready to head back there?" he asked, dangling the key in his fingers.

I smiled back at him and nodded. "Cowabunga." 

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