Departure and Arrival

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    I can't believe today I'll be flying to South Korea for an audition at JYP. I'm so nervous I can't even think! "Y/N, don't leave! I can't stand not seeing your face," my bestfriend Alissa said. I looked over and saw tears trickling down her rosy cheeks, I don't want to leave her, I've been with her for three years and it's such a hard thing for me to do.

     "You know I don't want to leave..but this is my dream, I'll call you on Skype everyday, I promise." I said with tears continuously stroming down my cheeks. We go into the car (still crying) I don't think we've cried like this since BTS came two years ago and Jin and Jungkook did the flying kiss.

      *skips to departure*
     "I'll miss you y/n! Don't forget our promise," Alissa said trying to smile through the tears. I
looked up and gave a small smile. "I won't forget, I love you V." And with that I boarded the plane. My heart couldn't hold in the nervousness so I took an Advil and went to sleep. It's going to be a long trip.

*14 hours later*
"Excuse me... Ma'am we've arrived" I opened my eyes and saw an unfamiliar face which made me jump from the shock, but then I remembered that I was on my way to South Korea. "Ah, thank you," I mumbled with a smile. I had slept for the last 4 hours of the flight after I had eaten and I was still out of the loop.

*Breathes in*
"Woah! It smells so different here." I'm not going to lie, I'm really scared but I can't let it get to me. I grabbed my bag and headed out of the airport, with a note of my apartment number in my hand. I stand on the ledge of the sidewalk waiting for my old friend Park HiRi, I had met her on my visit to Korea a year ago and we became quite close. "Y/n!... It's so nice to finally see you again!" There in front of me stood a beautiful black haired girl. "Park HiRi, it's been a long time." I said with a grin.

HiRi grabbed my bags and put them in the car. "Well, come on! We have to unpack! You have your audition tomorrow!!" She said with excitement. I tilted my head in confusion. Then it suddenly hit me, my audition at JYP it's tomorrow. In that momentm I felt as though I couldn't talk but finally words escaped, "Haha, I can't wait"

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