02| The Sphera

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Written on April 29th, 2017

Chapter 2: The Sphera

Aletta Castilo

The past two days have flown by for both Amada and Aletta. Which meant that today would be the day that both girls - women - had to say goodbye to their parents and Muffin.

It surprised Aletta that both Amada and her mother hadn't burst into tears yets. All four members of the family tried to stay strong - mainly so they wouldn't upset each other even more than they already were - and somehow, they managed to pull it off.

Everytime Aletta felt a burst of anger rise up, ready to take over, she willed it away as she blinked away the tears that were welling up in her eyes, not taking them off the white ceiling above her.

'I love you,' Calinda finaly breaks the silence that was looming over them. 'So, so much.' Arlo nods agreeingly. He opens up his mouth to add something to the words his wife spoke just now, but nothing comes out. Calinda then wrapped her arm around his waist, and rests her head on his chest.

'We love you, too,' Amada replies for both herself aswell as Aletta. This time, it's Aletta that nods in agreement, forcing a smile on her face. 'And we're going to miss you so much,' she added, a sob escaping her lips. The tears that Amada had tried so hard to keep at bay, finally escaped.

Aletta is the first one to hug the girl crying in the hallway, and whispers reassuring words in her ear. None of the parents made a move to console their daughter; it was something they all chose for.

In a few minutes, the Guards would show up and pick up Aletta and Amada, which would disable Arlo and Calinda from consoling their daughters when they were going through tough times. They had to learn to stand their own ground, and take care of themselves.

Silence was creeping up on them again, only to be broken moments later by the shrill sound of the doorbell ringing. Calinda gasps upon hearing it as Arlo is making his way to open the door to the Guards.

'I love you, Mom,' Aletta whispers to her mother, while gently pulling Amada along with her, towards the front door. Three rather intimidating men - Werewolves - were posted in front of it, waiting for the two nineteen year old girls, ready to take them to Domum.

The location where the Sphera would take place. . .

'Aletta and Amada Castillo?' one of the men speaks up, and Aletta nods. 'That's us.' The man, who was sporting way too many tattoos for Aletta's liking, nods. 'Good. I'd advice you to listen carefully to what I'm about to say. Do not speak unless you're spoken to. Do not even try to escape - unless you have a wish of attending the Sphera with your limbs no longer attached to your body.'

To make his threat a bit more viable, he bares his razor-sharp teeth as he growls softly, yet scarily at the girls. Usually, Aletta would have a comeback ready whenever someone felt the need to threaten her, only this time she chose to keep her mouth shut - something both her parents and sister were grateful for.

Who knows what kind of trouble Aletta could've landed herself into by just opening her mouth.

'After the Sphera, you're parents will be enlightened.' As the man said that, he turned his attention towards Arlo and Calinda. 'They will receive a friendly request to bring the items needed to the Domum - or the location where the Wolf lives, where the girl will belong to.'

Arlo and Calinda nod, and shortly glance at the men that were about to take their daughters away. For a brief moment, Aletta spotted the desire in her fathers eyes to tackle the three men, and free their daughter from the horrible faith that was awaiting them.

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