chapter 11

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The episode starts with anika and Rudra travelling in a car and reached a mini mansion which is outside the city near the forest

Rudra:di where are we whose house is this

Anika:we will be safe here Rudra this is my Nani house when ever I run from house I will come here I be here still my Nani has doubt when my brother comes if my Nani thinks my brothers are coming she will send me to a safe place  now come inside  saying this both went inside

Seeing her nani anika run to her hugged her and starts to cry

Nani:what happened Anu why are you crying

Anika:nani today

Anika narrated the whole story nani consoled her just than nani noticed Rudra and says your  RUDRA SIGH OBERIO right kalaiyani grand son

Rudra: yes but how do you know

Nani smiles and says I am your nani close friend  come sit Ramu  ramu

A person came running and says yes ma

Nani:prepare food for all and set 2 rooms for these 2

Rudra:no need Nani I will go home

Nani:no beta you stay here I will inform kalaiyani

Rudra :ok

Nani:you both go and refresh I will call your dadi

Nani made a call

Scene shift to oberio mansion


Nani:hello kalaiyani I am parvathi

Dadi:parvathi how are you

Nani:i am fine your grandson Rudra is my house

Dadi:what ru is there but how we are searching him for a long time

Hearing Rudra name Shiom came near dadi

Dadi continue  but how he came there

Nani:he came with Anu. Any is my granddaughter

Dadi was schoked what anika is your grand daughter

Nani:yes let him stay here for tonight tomorrow you come and pick him

Dadi :ok and cuts the call

Dadi:ru is in my friend house he will be safe there tomorrow morning let's go and bring him back

Shiom nodes

Next morning

Rudra was having breakfast with anika and her Nani after sometimes  anika decided to go out

Anika:nani Rudra I will be back in an hour

Rudra:where are going di

Anika:to see my mom grave saying this anika goes

Anika brothers came to pick her

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