Chapter:10 ~ Slow Down (Part II)

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NOTE: Sorry Guys but I may not be able to update till this Wednesday. But I promise I'll not cheat my time if I get a chance to update it. Actually, I can't write any single chapter by breaking my time in parts because it makes me feel disconnected from the whole scenario, going in the story. I re-read my chapters just to be sure that there is no mistake left in it, even if it is a simple comma. I want it to be perfect for my readers to enjoy.

Please tell me if you find any mistakes in there while reading it. I ended the following part on a happy end for you guys to have a good sleep, not thinking of any cliff-hangers because trust me those things hurt too much and I can feel you Guys. 

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Xavier's POV:

I started working on my documents as soon Ariana left. I don't know why I caught her so suddenly and caressed her skin. I hope she didn't felt my manhood getting erect.

This work is to distract my mind from her. I called her hot, damn hot! I want her back but this was a wrong way to approach.

But she was looking so sexy to resist.

'Okay, slow down Xavier. You can control yourself.', I said to myself.

I heard the knock on my door. It's definitely not Ariana.

'Come in.'

'Good morning, Mr. Williams.', Lisa said with her not-so-important-and-not-so-real smile.

'Morning.' I said in a boring tone.

'Sir, I have transferred all the reports of the previous branch to your business email-id and the confidential ones to your personal email-id.'

'Okay then. You may go now. Ariana is in your cabin. She will be working with you.'

'As my assistant?'

Did she just call my Ariana her assistant? My hand made a fist but I calmed myself.

'Working together doesn't mean she is your assistant. You both are at the same position in this office.'

'I didn't mean in that way, Sir. Actually, I just wanted to know who will be working as the PA for you.'

'Keep working as my PA. She is one of my office staff. I will assign work personally to her. You don't need to know more than that.'

'Okay, sir.' She said and left the room.

I started working on my files again.


It's been two hours. My head hurts as if something is hitting against it. I need a coffee at this moment. I called Lisa to bring a coffee for me.

I wanted to ask Ariana but I don't want to get embarrassed by the event that happened today because of my uncontrolled hormones.


I heard the knock on the door.

'Come in.'

'Here is your coffee, Sir.', She said as she placed the cup on the table.

'Thank you.', I said as I took the cup from the table and take a sip of the coffee.

A bright curved get formed on my lips. This coffee is made by Ariana.

'Who made this coffee?', I asked when she was about to exit the room.

'Is there any problem sir?', She asked hesitantly.

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