Chapter:10 ~ Slow Down (Part I)

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Ariana's POV:

I came running to my office after Xavier get intimate with me.

What was that? Oh God! Did he just complimented me as a husband should do? Did he just caressed my thigh and was getting turned on?

I am standing against the door of my office holding the PD very tightly against my heart. My heartbeat is not going to slow down at any cost even if I try.

I walked to my desk and switched on the laptop. I am holding my breath for too long. I felt my body trembling at the thought of our closeness which was there in his office a few minutes ago. I get so nervous when he came forward diminishing the gap between our bodies. When our nose touched, I felt the same current moving down my spine which was there like two years ago as well. His lips brushed my cheeks and the way he whispered in my ear was a too much turn on for my body. He was demanding me and I was resisting him. When I put my hand on his chest, I felt his heartbeat against my palm. I was so weak to resist his way of doing everything so seductively.

My heartbeat stopped for a second when I heard the door gets opened. I kept my gaze in the laptop without looking at the entrance.

'Hii, Ariana.', It was a female voice. I pulled my head to see the person entering my room as if she has possession on this room.

'Hii, Lisa.', I said when I looked to see the same girl which came to collaboration as Xavier's P.A.

'You seem to came too early.', She asked smiling. She is checking me out from top to bottom... well she can't see my legs which are behind this table!

I should not have listened to Emily. This dress barely reaches my thigh... and the consequences were very dangerous. OH GOD!

'Yeah! Xa... Umm... Mr. William asked me to come early.', I said cautiously reminding myself not to get swayed away by the moment.

'Oh I know him, he is a way to hard-working and he doesn't like to delay any of his work. You will get used to him.', She said with a hidden message that 'she knows him very well and he belongs to her'.

'Yeah, he was way too hard.', I said remembering his rock hard thing that seemed to penetrate my skin a few minutes ago. I rolled my eyes to her thinking of the early morning greetings with Xavier.

'Huh?', She asked confused.

'Umm... he just gave me 40 reports in different languages for correction before 3:00 pm.', I said knowing her confusion.

She nodded and looked bored watching towards my direction.

'Ariana, I am sorry... but.. you are sitting at my place.', She said pointing to my desk.

'What?' I widened my eyes at what she just said.

'You know this is the office of Mr. Williams's PA and as I am his PA, so that desk belongs to me.', She said with a not-so-hidden smirk.

'I am sorry but I work as the PA of the owner of this branch.', I stated.

'Umm... that was in the past. Here in this office, you are my assistant and I am the PA. if you have any problem you can ask Mr. Williams.', She said raising one of her eyebrows.

It must be his way to punish me by demoting my position in this company. Even if I talk to him... it's not going to change anything. It's better to shut up and save the rest of my pride.

'No, it's fine. You were his PA, so it will be easier for him to work with you.', I said without any hesitation with a simple smile on my face.

'Oh, that's great.', She said with a little disappointment as if she was not expecting such a polite response from me.

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