The Deating of the Scarlet Chapter 2

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The bell rang. Finally lunch. Sitting through hours of lectures really take the energy out of you.

I got up packed my things and walked out of the class room. I made my way over to the cafe. Mimi would usually be waiting out side the door for me. Today she wasn't. I guess she was checked out. I knew sitting at the table by myself would make me just seem like more of a loser than I already was so I decided to skip. I wasn't really hungry any way. I went to go sit in my car. When I opened the school's front door it was pouring rain. I sighed

"No use turning back now," I said to my self. I grabbed mt hoodie from my bag put it on and put the hood on my head. I opened the door again and walked out it was hard to see much but I had remembered where I had parked.

As I made my way over to my car I noticed a figure heading in my direction so I sped my pace. I looked to my other side to see the same thing. That's when I started to jog. Then I was picked up by my throat. I looked at what was holding me a man with red eyes. His partner beside him with the same red eyes.

I started to struggle.

"Ah a fighter." the one holding me said, "Well not for long." then, I was flying. Only for a short time though. Then my back came in contact with a cars wind shield. I screamed the glass shatter against my back and cut my face. I rolled down the hood and on to the hard wet asphalt. I looked up. The two men were above me. Then my mind processed it. He held my up and threw me fifty feet. No normal person could have done that.

The other one bent down just a bit above my level, "Now are you going to be a good little girl." I didn't move. That's when the one that threw me kicked me in the the stomach, "Answer!" he yelled at me.

"There are two ways to do this. The easy way or the hard way. Your choice." the other one said to me.

At this point I knew there was no way that I could get away they were too strong for me. At that point I gave up. There was nothing that I could do. What they did to me was there choice, I just hoped that I didn't end up dead. "Easy." I said.

"Good girl," the one that threw me said. I was pulled up by my hair. I screamed.

"Shut up." they both yelled at me. I shut my mouth instantly. Something about there voices seemed so evil. So sinister.

God I hope I don't die.

A blind fold was placed over my eyes I started to panic, but I knew not to struggle.

A cloth was placed over my mouth and nose. A gag. I stopped breathing. I was punched in the back. My body bent forward.

"Little girl if you know what is good for you you'd fucking start breathing." the one holding me said. And so I did. My head started to feel light. Everything turned to a blur and then nothing.


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