Whoa Baby.

Chapter 2- The Ace's

"Everyone has a story left untold, so never judge someone as if you know their entire story because the truth is, you probably don't." ―Unknown

Sunday mornings are a pleasant time in the Devoncourt household. It's a time when everyone woke up a little more cheery with the thought of homemade pancakes, orange juice, and bacon. My grandmother comes over eight o'clock on the dot, like she's done every Sunday since my grandfather died. It's also the first time you ever see my dad in the kitchen cooking.

So I sat in my regular place on the kitchen table with my phone in my hand. The sizzling bacon smelling from the frying pan on the stove top. My mom beating the batter for pancakes. Queue grandma walking through the front doors. SJ yells grandma from his seat as he plays with Lego pieces.

"Something smells good." Grandma praises walking in the kitchen with a smile on her face. She comes and kisses my head and then kisses SJ's. She sits between us hanging her purse on her chair.

"How many pancakes does everyone want?" Mom asks pouring some beige batter on the skillet.

"Two small ones." I reply looking up from my phone for a moment.

"One big one!" SJ say dramatically dropping some Lego pieces on the floor.

"What about you mom?" My mother asks looking up through her fringes.

"I'll take whatever." She replied waving her hand. Dad walks over to the table with a bowl of crispy hot bacon. Immediately my head, along with SJ's, looks to the bowl and reaches out for a piece. Scolding us, grandma slaps our hands with a frown, "Pray first then eat, right?"

I rolled my eyes and looked back to my phone. One piece of bacon wouldn't condemn me to hell. Minutes later, mom finally came over with a plate of pancakes. Dad brought the hot coffee pot along and we all sat together at the table. Grandma says grace and that's when I can finally get my bacon.

Once everyone is done with breakfast our schedule went on. We'd all got changed for church, looking our best. I would have the same argument every week with my grandma as she forces me to wear a dress. But I guess since today is Easter, I could drop the argument. My little brother SJ would complain about his tie and tight brown shoes. Mom would look relatively the same; tight bun, pencil skirt or pants, blouse and blazer and high heels. Dad too would be in a common button up with a tie and his nice pants and shoes.

My dress was a white tank top and then a beige lace skirt with a flower pattern that stopped an inch above my knees. And because my grandmother would shun me for wearing a tank top to church, because God forbid it, I put on my light jean jacket that I folded the sleeves up to my elbows. My tan flats went along with my tan bag and I did nothing to my hair, leaving it in its natural state of brown waves.

Even though church didn't start until nine, mom being the pastor meant we had to be there early to open doors. I didn't enjoy it much, being alone for a while with my family inside a big empty church. I liked waiting outside under the trees, waiting for my friends to arrive so I could join them.

"Did you get your bible?" Grandma asked, actually more of a reminder. I rolled my eyes, turning back to my room.

"Of course." I respond, looking for it somewhere under my bed. I heard it fall last night, it should be... found it!

"Let's go or we're going to be late!" My mom shouts from down stairs. I skip down the stairs quickly, exiting the door last while shutting it behind me.

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