Chapter Two

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A few minutes later, the boy and I were back in the hallway, having been shooed to class by the principal. We walked awkwardly next to each other as he led me from the office and back into the main hall.

“So…” he began, glancing at me. His voice triggered something in the back of my mind, but I barely noticed. “Elise, right? That’s a nice name.”

“Thanks,” I responded wearily, looking at anything but him.

“I’m Jordan,” he introduced for the second time. I could feel his eyes burning into me. “Nice to meet you too, Elise.”

This unconsciously caused me to grin. “Shut up,” I teased, shoving him lightly.

He chuckled. “Fiesty, much?”

I snorted. “In your dreams.” I took in the spacious hallway around me. “Where are we headed?”

Jordan checked his watch. “First period ends in seven minutes. So I guess you won’t get to go to creative writing until tomorrow. Second period is US History,” he replied. “It’s this way.”

I followed Jordan to a door labeled ‘B218’. He leaned against the wall next to the door, his bag slung over one shoulder. “And now we wait for the period to end.”

Reluctantly, I took my place next to him, still staring at my surroundings. 

He made an idle attempt at conversation. “You play Minecraft?” he asked, and I knew he must’ve seen my shirt. 

I shrugged, still not looking at him. “Yeah.”

“That’s really cool. I only know a few girls that play,” he told me. “What’s your IGN? We could play sometime.” (AN: I’m pretending he has an alternate account for when he doesn’t want to be recognized as a YouTuber and is just playing for fun, okay?)

I sighed softly and told him my username and Skype.

“Awesome,” he replied, entering the information into his phone. “I’ll add you.”

Just then, the bell decided to ring, ending the awkward torture that was me alone with Jordan. Students immediately piled into the hall, spilling from various classrooms. We waited for Jordan’s history class to empty from the period before, and slipped in.

The room was deserted besides a kind looking woman sitting behind a desk, typing at her computer. It was a spacious place, with desks grouped into fives, two large white boards, a projector screen (which currently covered most of one of the white boards), and walls plastered with flags and maps. The side white board declared a States and Capitals Quiz on the upcoming Friday. (AN: This is essentially what my history classroom for this past school year looked like!)

The woman looked up as Jordan and I approached her. “Hello, Jordan. You’re here early today.” Her eyes fell on me. “Ah, is this our new student?”

Jordan nodded. “This is Elise Winters, Ms Harrison.”

Ms Harrison smiled kindly at me. “Welcome, Elise! I’m sure you’ll find that it’s easy to fit in here, especially in this class.” She gave Jordan a meaningful look. He grinned in response.

Jordan led me over to one of the groups nearest to the wall, sliding into one of the desks. “This is where some of my friends and I sit. We’ve always had the only empty desk in the classroom, so you can sit there.” He gestured to the desk at an angle from where he sat. I sat uncomfortably as more people filed into the classroom.

“Hey, Jordan!” called a voice from the doorway, and a second later, three other boys had joined us. The first was tall with brownish-black hair and friendly brown eyes, and he wore a Penguins hockey jersey. The second was pretty short (but not shorter than me, unfortunately) with brown hair that fell into his laughter-filled green eyes, and he adorned a warm-looking black hoodie. The last was average-height with short brown hair and a goofy smile, and he wore a baby pink shirt that, surprisingly, didn’t make him look girly.

“Who’s this?” asked the green-eyed boy, staring at me like he’d never seen a girl in his life before.

Jordan chuckled. “This is Elise. I’m her tour guide, she’s new here.” He turned to me. “Elise, this is Sean--” He pointed to the Penguins jersey boy, who nodded and smiled at me in greeting. “—Zach--” He gestured at the green-eyed boy, who grinned. “—and Julio.” He nodded at the pink shirt boy.

Something tugged at the back of my mind, but I pushed it aside and responded politely, “Nice to meet you guys.”

“Ooh, is that a Minecraftian shirt I see?” questioned Julio. “I like her already.”

I was saved from having to respond by the tardy bell. Thankfully, Ms Harrison immediately rose from her desk and stood at the front of the room. She didn’t attempt to settle the class down, but instead stood there and waited silently until everyone seemed to realize she was waiting and the talking lapsed into quiet (AN: Several of my teachers actually do this). Without hesitation, she began the day’s lesson.


“Today we will be discussing the causes of the American Revolution…”

Okay, I hope I described Grape, Graser, and Tomahawk's looks correctly! I kind of had to guess on Graser because he hasn't shown much of how he actually looks, so I decided to make him what I imagine him to be. I'm pretty sure I captured Grape and Tomahawk okay, though c:

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