jealous as F Mikey x reader

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(y/n) your name

(h/c) hair color

(e/c) eye color

(f/f) fave flower

(b/g/f) Best guy friend

(2/b/g/f) 2 best guy friend (best guy friends boyfriend)

if you have a problem with gay people please do not read


Mikey's P.O.V

i was sitting in my room texting my girl friend (Y/N) when i dacieded hey why not go viset her. when i got there i knocked on the door, i was using my humaniser so im a human, and when she opend it she was like "omg Mikey come in come in" and she was talking about this guy named (B/G/F). then the doorbell rang and she ran over and opend it "(B/g/f) (2/b/g/f)!!!" she screamd "ugh kill mee" i mumbled as they handed her some (F/F) and i had to admit i was super jellly.  "hey  (Y/N) who's the hotty." one of them asked "(2/B/G/F) thats my boyfriend!" she said as she kissed me "well we just stoped by to say heyand we got a gig next friday we realyn want you to come but we got to go girl!" they both said and left "you were jelly!" sh said poking me "was not." i said " you were jelly of a gay cople being my best friends that is basides you mikey-boo!" she said as she hugged me "yeah yeah (Y/N)-bear.." i said as i pulled her into my lap and turnd the tv on and we watched 'walking dead'


sorry its short but i have a test to studdy for and it counts as half of my gread and i have practis

BY Love's ~Marcellus

by people- Zane

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