The Destiny of the Scarlet

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The Destiny of The Scarlet


"Fawn! Get your ass down here, you have to drive me to school we're going to be late," my annoying kid brother shouted at me.

I groaned, "Ugh, I'm coming, I'm coming." I looked in the mirror one last time. I was happy enough with what I saw. Layered jet black hair, pale green eyes, thin pink lips, and all black clothes. I was never really happy with my self-my appearance, but I learned to live with it. When I was a kid people would say I was the cutest thing they'd ever seen. I knew that I wasn't that pretty, but what adult would say to a child that there ugly?

"Fawn, stop being a space case and drive me to school or I'm going to steal your car!" Evan yelled from the stairs. That woke me up really fast I grabbed my bag, slung it over my shoulder, and rushed down the stairs.

"Bye kids," my mother shouted as Evan and I headed out the door. I opened the door and slid in. I peeled out quickly and sped toward school. By the time I was half way I was doing forty over the limit. I was a reckless driver and I knew it. If you got in the car with me for the first time you'd probably pee your pants. Surprisingly, I never gotten a ticket.

Two more minutes and we were at school. As soon as I parked Evan got out and went over to his jock friends. Evan was a football player. The popular one. While I had one friend. Mimi. She had been my best friend since the 6th grade. When we got to high school she became a spirit squad member, I didn't exactly didn't fit in with that group, but she still stayed with me. At lunch we would eat together at our table. They squad would give me and her dirty looks but she didn't care. Everyday we would eat lunch together every class we had together we had to sit next to each other. She knew she was my only friend but she didn't judge me for that. I'm just not a people person.

I saw her over on the steps with the other spirit members. I guess I'll just see her in third period. I went into the school successfully not being noticed. As I walked I felt eyes on me. I turned but no one was looking in my direction. I brushed it off as the warning bell rang.

I sat down in my English class watching the door seeing a steady flow of students come in. I looked down at my hand and grabbed my precious black sharpie and began to draw a black rose. The stem traveled from my elbow to my wrist before a black rose bloomed on the back of my hand. Just as I finished the last spike on the stem Mr. Stevenson came in.

"Alright class today we will be learning about the classic story of Romeo and Juliet." From then on I zoned out.


First chapter is finished this was pretty much a filer but she has her reasons for everything. The real drama will happen next chapter she promises. P.s she is totally open to ideas so send her a message. P.s.s sorry it's so super short:( she'll try to make them longer. She hopes you like it.

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